How to DIY Smart Home Automation By KinCony’s Smart Controller How to use Manual Control Board & Switch Panel Lamps connect with KC868-H32L Smart Controller Ready to network config and install software Download software & document from Download Smart Home Mobile Phone APP Add Host Add more smart controller… Continue Reading Automation Module Project DIY Smart Home Tech Controller (2020 4K HD)

Translator: Helen Chang Reviewer: David DeRuwe Hi. My name is Curtis Hawthorne. I work with Google Brain on the Magenta project. With the Magenta project, we’re seeking to answer the questions “Can machine learning be used to create compelling pieces of music and art?” “If so, how?” and “If not,… Continue Reading Music and Art Generation using Machine Learning | Curtis Hawthorne | TEDxMountainViewHighSchool

Hi everyone. A new decade has begun. Eight, eighteen, nineteen are over. We got to twenty, 2020. It’s been twenty-five years of São Paulo Fashion Week. And when the São Paulo Fashion Week started, there was no internet, we have to remember this. There was no internet, we barely had… Continue Reading Festival SPFW+: saiba tudo sobre o 2020 do #SPFW

While there are a number of ways currently on the table to search for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations, known as technosignatures, one stands out as the focus of a majority of SETI experiments both past and present. It’s the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum. But why? What makes that… Continue Reading The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Radio