100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Picks House Partisan To Be Intel Chief | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. I enjoy watching these TRAITORS squirming because they lost, and lost big, mueller was a nightmare, NO COLLUSION NO OBSTRUCTION BY OUR PRESIDENT THE DUMMYCRATS ARE GUILTY OF IT THOUGH AND WE SHALL ALL SEE THE PROOF WITH IN 6 MONTHS>

  2. We are so screwed. When we have an uninformed (meaning he is so arrogant that he will not listen to the people that have more knowledge than he does)clueless person running this country. Clearly he has no idea about how the ways of the World functions. This is the guy who has always been bent on making himself look good. Unfortunately his followers are feeding his waywardness. He has no other agenda.

  3. Joe when are you going to call Trump what he is : a malignant psychopath with extremely high conflict personality now with dementia?

  4. How to politicise Intell.Don't let Don send you to an early death. Boots on the Ground is not even necessary.

  5. Morning Joke is such a tool. Ratcliffe didn't yell or scream, his complete destruction of Mueller's use of a Non Exoneration as a legal standard made perfect sense to anyone who still believes in the presumption of innocence. The conga liine of shills and propagandists on MSNBS trying to outdo each other in their egregiously biased reporting of anything Trump is remarkable. Ratcliffe is a smart, honest, stand-up guy; everything Morning Joke isn't.

  6. Another power-move made by the führer, as he gears up for the takeover. American politicians are moving way to slow on this.

  7. Well, Trump needs un – brain washed people around him too. They can't all be under the same spell as Nadler. Speaking of, god I can't wait until the charges come. 1st Nad the penguin and then "do right Comey" . stainless bracelets for committing ACTUAL crimes….Or allowing actual crimes to be perpetrated under their watch. screw em both. Right now the Dems deserve NO power.


  9. LOL if this doesn't show the stupidity of the Democrats not one Democrat on here will admit to hearing Mueller say there was no conspiracy or no collusion he didn't just say it once he said it three times in the interview yet not one single Democrat heard it isn't that amazing no wonder you can't win an election you got add

  10. This idea of “deep state” is just so much plain balderdash. It is a conspiracy theory that is about as near to the truth as the North Pole is to the South Pole. POTUS 45 with his racist tweets is just fanning approval of racist activists into further dividing the American society. I am saying it again to those who are any part of your heritage middle class wage earning Americans, Asian Americans, Islamic Americans, black Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans do not follow this man as he has no commonality with you! Stand up, make sure you are counted on the 2020 Election Day!! We are not a nihilist nation of people but a decent hard working America. This POTUS 45 is an elitist, self centered person.

  11. The only prerequisite to hold an important job in government under the Trump administration is you have to be loud in your support for Trump. It doesn't matter if you're a high school drop out or never attended a college, you just have to "like" Trump and you're hired! How can that possible be good for America? Trump is doing so much damage, I am shocked Americans are OK with this

  12. This whole scam is to convince Americans their vote won't count because of Russian interference. Hopefully enough people will fall for it and Trump will be reelected. Wise up your vote is to fix our broken Democracy. Trump has to be stopped!

  13. 400 hundred pages !!!!! You memorize 400 pages then talk !!!! Because right now you truly are against the American people by lying so much !!!

  14. No, dumbshit. Nancy Pelosi’s district, San Francisco is a Drug Addict and Homeless disaster area. Fecal matter and rats have created typhus, a disease not seen in over 100 years.

  15. Oh no! Really? He’s chosen a “partisan.” Democrats have never done that. Obama never did that. It’s true that many high level Obama appointees now appear regularly on left wing media to trash this president but they’re just “speaking truth to power.” Partisan appointees on the left, move along, nothing to see here.

    Soooooo full of it.

  16. Does anyone else think Ratcliffe’s interview on Fox News was a dead ringer for Steve Carrell at his ‘clueless best?’ At the testimony last week, he came off as nothing outside of completely out to lunch and his comment that ‘the person the learned the most about the Mueller Report on Weds. was Robert Mueller’ was so over-the-top idiotic I just pray that the Senate has a HINT of sense and doesn’t approve his posting as DNI…I don’t have much hope for that but I DO hope. Another Spanky yes-man is NOT what the US needs.

  17. America can only hope that even this partisan will be a wise appraiser of the truth and intelligence reports, and not order to distort them to muddy the case on Trump. Hope he is not even half a Jackson or those other Trump legislative thugs

  18. They all sound sad. It reminds of a film with Steve Carell about the end of the world, can't remember the title..

  19. Heh so great to see the Morning Joke hot take on all matters, hilarity always ensues.

    First up Joke gets all his sanctimonious talking points in while Miikka tut tuts ORANGEMANBAD.
    Radcliffe didn't yell, he forcefully called out dotard Mueller and his inversion of presumed innocence. Prosecutors don't exonerate. They charge or they decline. If one isn't charged they can never be exonerated.

    Then some soy boy reporter is in desperate fear for the ruler of law.
    Seek help youngster.

    Next up there's the CIA mouthpiece Ignacias clutching pearls about the honorable spooks who meant well… really, they were just wrong, AGAIN

    Finally there's what passes as a educated man from Atlantic magazine. I suppose he's outright lying about the purpose of the ODNI which was formed after 9/11, not the Iraq war, to be the HUB of all national security intelligence. The office isn't meant to be a spy master, but a clearinghouse for all agencies to "be on the same page" with one another.

    Thanks again for the laughs Morning Joke. I can hardly wait for your next skit. Perhaps Barnacle can make up some sources to personify ORANGEMANBAD!

  20. Joe is probably the worst host I've ever seen, no matter whether you dislike Trump or not, Joe is terrible, even if he speaks the truth he seems to be making up things

  21. I said it two years ago and i'll say it here again: this experiment has FAILED people. Congratulations. I feel blessed to be a Canadian.

  22. Coats is using that as his excuse due to Trump firing him. His nonsense about Russia stealing the election is what did him in. One question: Was it the meme with the picture of Clinton arm wrestling Jesus or the one of Bernie as Superman that ruined the election for Hillary? There was a reason Mueller refused to show a single ad made by the IRA and it was because it would have made him look ever more stupid, if it is possible. Coats was dragging his feet on releasing the FISA warrants and the transcripts of the illegal surveillance and hiding documents that show when the spying started. That is why he is being fired. He is a tool of the deep state and there is no place in a democracy for an intelligence community that has "six ways from Sunday of getting back at you". The deep state is hiding their connections to Mifsud, Halper, Azra Turk, Alexander Downer and Natalia Veselnitskaya who met with Fusion GPS the day before and the day after meeting with Trump Jr. She worked for Fusion GPS. We also found out that both Mifsud and Konstantin Kilimnik were State Department assets. This is information that Mueller tried to hid. How come people found this all out after Mueller's investigation? Mueller is through. The deep state and media are at war with the President, the truth, and the American people.

  23. Sounds to me like Radcliffe made a lot of sense I guess you'd have to listen to him to see what he's hear what he saying Quest Democrats won't do that they just got their own side no mind made up no I think Radcliffe made sense

  24. Gee, I wonder how long it will take for this latest "Best people" to be discovered to have committed major crimes, like molesting little kids and have to "Leave to spend more time with his family." I wonder how many tax dollars had to be spent on that revolving door to be installed in the whitehouse when Traitor tRump

  25. If he ever gets the opportunity, Trump might want to appoint David Duke America's next Secretary of Interior.

  26. Is it certain that Mexico wouldn't take Texas back? LBJ GEORGE BUSH TED CRUZ TOM DELAY and this RATCLIFFE moon calf. I am thinking texexit He also looks Shawn Hanadys mini me.

  27. Ratcliffe is not capable for this post, he doesn't have the experience or the knowledge. More than that he belongs to the trump cult. We have a self absorbed, booby in the oval office. I liked Costs as much as he was undermined by the booby, he kept his humor, stood against our enemies foreign and domestic, especially those in the Whitehouse who seem to have the idea that America is open for business and the oval office is where to apply.

  28. People wake up Trump knows he is an illegal president an Russia installed agent along with McConnell another Russian lackey, maybe American citizens should start learning to speak Russian.

  29. Socialist um, plenty of poor Red states enjoy social aid, and plenty of republicans enjoy receiving their social sucurity check, not to mention plenty of republicans revive Medicare and free medical care.
    So now Trump has decided to turn the intelligent community into a clown show leavening Americans on their own. The intelligence committee should look into FOX New propaganda!!!

  30. Another example of Trump picking not the best person for the job, but the best person for his agenda. Didn't tell us that 'only the best' meant, best for him.

  31. Other than beef.. does anything good comes out of Texas? (Yes Rourke, Beto I do adore you babe may be the only oly only good thing!!!!!)

  32. You guys really hold trump (small letters for trump) and his lackeys like Pro's! Great job and professionalism at best.thank you

  33. Hear all the squeaks from the ClintonNewsNPC networks? Scurrying around nibbling on what's left in the sadly past it Republican chef Mueller's Nothing Burger kitchen that his Democrat staff ran dirty. Sunlight from the Horowitz, Huber, Durham reports will expose the previous admins FISA conspiracy which used fake ingredients like Western intel assets Mifsud to entrap U.S citizens overseas & Russian scuttlebutt from Fusion GPS instead of any red meat of real Russian collusion that their ads promised. Trump's Ratcliffe trap is now set to catch the critters as panicked they run .


  35. Wonder if Cummings will, like he did for Meadows, claim Trump to be his best friend & feel his pain when Trump is called a racist. The support & backup he got from his best friend Masha Meadows is noteworthy 'NONE'.

  36. What can we do as dems to save our country? Well, I went to the library and picked up a dozen voter registration forms. I will use these forms to register my friends and family who think the bachelor or dancing with the stars is more important than the state of this country. Then, make sure they show up to vote, drive them, bribe the, do what you must because I know you've heard this before, but how true this is, this is the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any democrat would be better than this make-up wearing, bleach blonde, lying, raping, ego-maniac, etc. i'd vote for bozo the clown over trump, no doubt.

  37. I've been reading some comments and over the days one common theme keeps popping up and it's very scary. Even if Dems "win" we may not because Russia, N.Korea, and who knows what other authoritarian country may help this maniac maintain the white house? I'm serious. then we have Mitch, who is one of the most dangerous men in the world, not allowing two protection acts to come to the floor for a vote to protect the integrity of our voting. I'm a little, no a lot nervous about this. remember, this lunatic ONLY WON MI by an average of two votes per precinct.

  38. Big Swampy names another swamp rat to his cabinet….hows that drain the swamp thing going, trumps fans?…hope you're satisfied!

  39. To all Trump supporters. He doesn’t have your back but he he does have the back of Putin and you guys can not see that you are being used for his own personal gain🤔😡😡

  40. Looks like NIA is set to be run by a Trump Loyalist. This move is to insure Donald and his family don't get caught working with Russia during the upcoming election. This new Hack will block and cover up anything that would incriminate the Don or his Family. Not surprised though. What surprises me is all the Americans going along with this treason. Our country really has become unrecognizable.

  41. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN—————————–IMPEACH THE LORD GOD DER FUHRER tiny trump!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. So Trump going to use John Ratcliffe give Trump all the Top Secret for Trump best friend Putin so Putin can let Trump build his hotel in Moscow.

  43. I always wondered what happened to Michael Scott after he left Dunder Mifflin. He moved to Texas and went into politics. Congrats!

  44. Thankfully, this fawning bootlicking psychophant's name has been withdrawn due to a chorus of objections from both sides of the aisle. How embarassingly inept, as well as incredibly inappropriate.

    We need all these corrupt traitors and sellouts out of the office before things get so bad that a 2nd civil war ensues. Things are bad and getting steadily worse.

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