Namaskar! I changed a
setting a bit. Outside is very
very cold, it is.. We’re approaching
January, and it’s going to
be very cold, so I am recording from
my personal room. I would like to
speak about vanity, about pride, about
ego, and why these feelings
of inflated ego, the feelings of
pride and vanity, how they create the
stagnancy in life. The summum bonum of
human life is dynamism. Everything moves
in the universe, that’s the law
of the universe. In Sanskrit, the universe
is called Jagat. Jagat means… From
the root verb “gam”, something which
is moving, that has the quality
of movement. Even if you take an electron,
is nothing, is emptiness, but moving emptiness. And likewise,
everything is moving, there is nothing,
which is stationary. So, the movement
is the law of nature, is the law of the universe.
And the stagnancy, especially with
the human mind when we become stagnant it unfolds all the evils
of the static energy. There are three
energies: Tamo guna, Rajo guna, and
Sattvo guna. Sattvo guna stands
for sentient energy, the energy of sentients. Sentient means that
energy that makes me an intelligent being, that energy that makes
me understanding, compassionate,
rational, loving. And then the
exact opposite of the sentient energy
is Tamasic energy, or the dark energy, the energy
of staticity, the stagnancy, and when we become
stagnant, all the evils of that mode of
mind develop. Jealousy, greed, lust,
you know, bitterness, you become very reactive, you are not
becoming proactive. So, by all costs we should
avoid becoming stagnant. And pride is one
of the emotions, that leads us
to stagnancy. Actually I find there is a
bit of confusion between vanity, pride and ego. There is nothing
wrong with the ego. Ego, according to
philosophy, is just doer portion of the mind. The mind consists of
three portions: “done I”, the objective
level of thinking. I will explain later. Then “doer I”, the active
portion of the mind. There is passive
portion of the mind, then there is active
portion of the mind, and the subtlest portion
of the mind is called Maha Tattva or “I feeling”,
the existential I, witnessing portion
of the mind. I exist, and the
soul is that… the soul and the
consciousness is that I know
that I exist. The knowledge of existence
and the action of existence: I exist. Though I don’t
do anything, I do exist. That is the Maha
Tattva, “I feeling”. Then when I do
something, for example, I’m imagining a pink
elephant in my mind, so, this action, that
effort of imagination is the doer
portion of the I. And then finally,
the image of that pink elephant that
I have imagined, that is the “done”
portion of the mind. It is done. It is the passive
portion of the mind, which is moved about by the
active portion of the mind, and it is the objective
counterpart of the subjective
portion of the mind. The subject is watching
and subject is modifying the objective portion. So, the ego is that
portion of the mind which is doing
the modification: to think, to imagine,
to be creative. To do so many things, you
need to have a developed ego. The more developed ego is,
the more you are capable of doing things. The mature ego is able to
control different emotions, the Vrittis of the
human mind. So, to have a developed
ego is not a bad thing. If someone will tell me:
“Oh, Dada Sadananda, you have a big ego!”, I will say: “Thank
you very much.” Because it’s a compliment,
it’s the same as to say: “Oh, you have a
developed personality.” But when the
ego develops, along with that there
are different sicknesses of the maturing, when you
are becoming mature, at some point you can
also become sick. So, those sicknesses of
the developing ego are: vanity, pride… So,
let us talk about that. And mostly, when in
spiritual parlance, in the spiritual context,
when they refer to ego, they say that you need
to overcome ego, they refer to that
feeling of isolated self and the feeling
of outership, that I’m the one
doing and I’m right. So, that is when people say that you
need to overcome the ego, It is about that. It’s not about
actual philosophical ego, because the
philosophical ego is the doer portion
of the mind, which has to become
bigger and bigger, it has to become
stronger and stronger. Actually the mind is
composed of these three: the existential I, the
doer portion of I, and the objective I, and all
three have to become bigger, all three have to develop. And
when all of them develop, we get the developed
personality. Anyway that’s another topic.
If you are interested, I can talk about
that also. So, how does this ego… but, as we understood,
rather the emotion of pride, the inflated ego disturbs our
life, disturbs our progress. The pride is the
feeling that I am right, there are few things: one is vanity, – is the
feeling that I am really the most beautiful,
the best of the best peacock on this lawn, the
best of all the peacocks. So, that kind of feeling
that we can say it is pride or the vanity. Vanity is this. And then pride is that
I know that I’m right, this feeling that I’m
right, that vanity that I’m the most beautiful
peacock on the lawn gives you the
superiority complex, and you lose
the rationality, you behave just like
a drunken man, you think that somebody is
lower and I am higher, so you feel that you are entitled
to more benefits of life than that person, and you
behave in a nasty way. So, that is a psychic
disease, and it creates, it creates imbalance in the
mind, stops your progress. And then another one is
this feeling that I am right. In the past we use
to follow religion, we use to follow
mythology, human beings always
felt that we know, we know the world,
how the world is, and they had the complete picture of
the world in their mind, you know, the earth
is flat, of course, and it is standing
upon the elephants, and there is this
turtle down there. And then nobody’s
question it, they thought: “Yeah,
it is like that.” But then something
happened in our history, something turned in the
brains of the Homo sapiens, and they started
to doubt it. They started to doubt
our own understanding, they started to feel – maybe
I am not knowing everything. So, the final conclusion
of the mature ego – I know that I
know nothing. So, that kind of feeling:
I know nothing, and I am yet to discover
so many wonderful things. So, this shift happened
few hundred years ago in the humanity, and during those hundreds,
one million, almost, years we existed as
Homo sapiens, and nothing was
happening really, nothing. And then suddenly
in the last three, four, five
hundred years a lot of things happening
especially recently, because humanity
have chosen, they’ve realized that we
need to renounce this ego of knowledge that I
know and I am right. Maybe I am not right,
maybe I don’t know. So, this ability to
question yourself creates dynamism
in the mind. You are constantly doubting
your understanding, even the scripture. I read the scripture, I
memorise the scripture, so I have the static
picture in my mind, so every situation
I am trying to… Okay, this situation… Okay, this quote
from the scripture. Just like you have some kind
of a plate and you insert in the calculating machine.
Does not work like that. So, that is a static kind
of situation of the mind. You are not thinking, you are just referring
to the scripture, to something that you
have learnt in the past, right now in this moment you
are not trying to discover. That is staticity
and it leads to… Of course, the life is a
very very large thing, and you have to find
the proper solution for this moment itself. And it is a
unique moment, and it requires you to
be there in the present, not in the past. The thought has a Tamasic
nature, the static nature: the memory is of the past, and it is of the solid
nature, it’s a kind of… it has already happened, it
is not happening right now, it does not
have the fluidity. So, to have the
intellect which is alive, you must have that
fluidity of the mind, and if you are convinced
that “I know everything”, and “I am right”, you
don’t have that fluidity, you don’t have that… You
are not thinking right now, your intellect has
become dead. So, like this people
of dogmatic nature they think like that,
they know everything. And then this scripture is
the direct word of God, so everything is there.
Yeah? Is it? Is there mathematics?
Is there physics? Is there art and science?
Everything is there? Are you sure? Yes,
everything is there. Scriptures are
full or wisdom, but they require living
intellect to penetrate that wisdom and still
they are not complete. And all of
the scriptures, they were written
by human beings somewhere in the past,
however wise they were, they were written
by human beings with their understanding. If we are to search for
the most exact scripture, the most truthful
scripture, it is the nature. So, studying the nature you will find out
all kinds of truth. The physical nature
if you study, and then psychic
nature you study, you study the
mind, how it works, and then the spiritual
nature – you study the spirits. Of course, we
need some hints from the scriptures written by
human beings how to study the methodology of study
but not the discovery. Spiritual world
we cannot really… It cannot be transferred
by the words, only some faint idea can be
transferred by the words, but to discover it
you have to study it within your mind. So that is the situation. So on the spiritual path
you cannot be dogmatic because the
spiritual reality, even the
intellectual reality, it cannot be transferred
through a book, it cannot be transferred
through a letter. it can only be
grasped by the living attempting intellect
and intuition. So in spirituality that
feeling of “I know”, that feeling of ego
or let’s say pride, or vanity is detrimental because
it creates complexes, and it creates the
hold of movement, you are not
moving anymore. And then stagnancy,
you are intellectually dead. And you become toxic. Whatever,
whoever contradicts you you are not able
to understand that maybe he is
not contradicting, he is saying
something sensible, but you take it as
a personal upfront. And there have been so
many religious wars, because those
people, they tried not to understand
each other they tried not to exercise
the living intellect. So in spirituality we must
overcome this feeling of “I’m right”, and the position
of the disciple, the statement
of the disciple, the true nature
of the disciple: “I know that I
know nothing.” With that feeling
in the mind you will be able
to constantly acquire, you will
be arriving to the deeper and deeper
understanding of the world. And there is no conflict between science
and spirituality, because spirituality
is nothing but the science
of the spirit. You are studying
the spirit, you are trying to remove
the physical realm, you are trying to remove
the intellectual realm, and you are trying
to focus there, into the most
subjective realm, trying to look into the
I and beyond the I into the knowledge
of the existence. Let me try to see it
and understand it. What is it if it
is not science? When you look
into the microscope and you are studying
the bacteria, you call it a science. But when you look
inside of yourself and you are studying your
own consciousness, you call it religion or
what? It is not religion. It is a science. Based on observation,
based on experimentation, It is a science,
and there is no contradiction between
science and spirituality. There is a lot
of contradiction between science
and religion, but there is no
contradiction between science and spirituality, It’s a different
chapter or science. physiology, physiology, and spirituology.
Not in the sense that we are studying the
spirits and ghosts, no, not in that sense, but
we are studying the nominal cause of the
phenomenal world, we are studying the supreme cause
of existence, and that is the
consciousness. So it is the different
portion of the science. And, as it is a science, it practices the scientific
approach which is based on the presumption
of ignorance. I presume that
I am ignorant, I’m not knowledgeable. So therefore I have to
study and gain knowledge And the pride is the approach
that I know everything. So we have to
overcome that. Thank you very much. If you have any comments, you write in the
comment’s portion, I will be interested to know
what you think about it. Also you can
subscribe and press the bell sign
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tight conversation and find out so
many more things. Thank you. Namaskar.

20 thoughts on “Pride Goes Before a Fall”

  1. Namaste! Thanks a lot for your good energy, your light, wisdom sharings and clarity! I'm really happy that I found this YouTube channel. Sending Blessings your way! Hari OM

  2. Your words reminds me of some of the metaphorical story from Jalaladdin Rumi's Mathnawi. I'll translate with simple way as much as I can. "There are camel and mouse in somewhere, some time ago. They started to travel and mouse thought that he guide the camel. And he is like "What a wonderful creature that I am, even camels follows me". However, camel still walks with patience. After a while they arrive a place that they have to cross the river. At this time, mouse realize that he cannot pass and camel said he can pass him over to the other side of the river with one condition, he has to leave his arrogance, pride at the other side of the river. They agreed and both are them countinue their journey.

  3. If someone think that his(her) Ego is stable and constant he(she) decides that the stability and constancy can be found in the world. It is a big mistake, because world is very volatile. So next step is understand that Ego must be also volatile to survive in such world. But volatile Ego leads to lost individuality. Maximal adaptation to rapid changes in the world leads to maximal volatile of Ego and completely lose the individuality. But pride makes the Ego static with minimal volatile and adaptation, that leads to fall in changeable world. Does not ?

  4. I kind of see it like this. As the ego matures it becomes more powerful. With this power it can take control
    of situations, almost dominate over other people. With that power and the respect it gains from others a
    person has to be careful. He/she can more easily hurt others with just a few words or not responding at all.
    Add to that the ability to see the truth of matters (or to know when someone is not being honest to protect
    their own pride) can lead to some very hurt egos.
    A strong ego with wisdom and empathy is a good thing. Hopefully the wisdom and compassion will keep
    the ego in check.
    I never really thought about this before now, yet I deal with it on a daily or hourly basis.
    What's the old saying? "With great power come great responsibility"
    I am told from time to time that it not what I say is wrong. It is how I say it. I need to be more careful of others
    feelings. The truth hurts as they say and it seems, most people out here in the World don't want the truth.
    While I live my life in a never ending quest for the truth.
    Great Video this one is……………. gives me a new angle to observe myself, which in turn helps me grow.
    Thank you again!

  5. When you negatively talk about dogma I all times not agree with you because in you're words a lot of dogma too. For example : how can i explain for other people why I vegetarian and don't eat onion, garlic, mushrooms and etc., just because Ayurveda say so? Or I feel so, than how can I explain these without gift of empty ?
    And second think. When Kopernik and many other die for them own beliefs was they right or a dogmatic society that tried to prove that they was mistaken?

  6. Dada..well explained indeed. Guide me as I am struggling at times on this aspect of living. Ego is a manifestation arising out of ignorance of my true self. If I accept a route that is scientifically convincing ( personally to me) that we all are packets of energy vibrating at a specific frequency then I don't see a difference amongst us..I can relate to anything and I don't see a limitation in myself or for that matter anyone else. With that fresh outlook , my question is….can we dissolve our current state of ego and false pride and what resultant effect can we expect. As always your explanation is clear and very thoughtfully articulated Seeking your blessings and guidance..Hari Om.

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