hey guys back with another video but
before I start make sure you smash that like button also if you’re not
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is on so when I upload my next video you are the first one to watch also make
sure to leave a comment on this video so before we get into the topic at hand I
want to say a few things a lot of people were very irate as I would call it about
me discussing about Nature Boy staying out of his own mouth even though we know
prior seven months ago I’ll say khadijah confirmed that DreamWorks had gave
Nature Boy money and at that time Nature Boy denied that for his own reasons I’m
not in nature boy’s head I just do commentary and discussions on him so I
cannot tell you why at that time beside we know that he lies that he would deny
that at that time um however Nature Boy over the last couple of days has been
coming clean about a lot of things one being that when he was locked up and I
want to clear this up I did not say that DreamWorks bailed out Nature Boy stopped
taking what you hear me say out of my mouth first and foremost and look at the
video and and stop listening to half of the video when the video is only ten
minutes this is for the one percent I apologize for the other 99% that that
does not need to hear this because it doesn’t apply to you or for the one
percent please I urge you to watch the entire ten minute video um unless you
have ADHD and I can understand that in that case and get what I’m saying
or maybe listen to it again and stop putting words in my mouth
I did not say that he was bailed out by DreamWorks um and I had somebody in my
comment section act like they were telling me what I
better not do but it was to me no cussing of profanity but I can read
between the lines and someone trying to plant seeds you’re reaching you’re
trying to find something to start a fire in my comment section because you know I
don’t stand for confusion disrespect on my channel there’s other drama channels
that do that for engagement go over there I’ll be more than happy to invite
you over there but with all that being said I want to get into my commentary
you know as we all know hopefully you guys watch my video from yesterday
serenity is in her feelings as of this morning cuz I’m going to keep check-in I
want to see if she’s gonna hold her word that she’s gonna take down her Instagram
page because now she’s having a tantrum that Nature Boy is back with velvet and
he does not want serenity as we all know he has never wanted serenity like
serenity one at nature boy when he talks about his ex-wives that he has been in
relations with he never mentions serenity at all that’s because there was
never any sort of chemistry between the two of them to begin with now a lot of
people are saying that Rambo should kick serenity out of the house and get like a
co-parent situation happening and I agree with that you know what I’m saying
ramble should be like I’m kicking you out serenity you go to nature boy
because for number one she should not have the option to still live or be with
Rambo when she was about to leave him a stray to go over to carbonation when we
all know that the only reason why Nature Boy was saying it was okay for serenity
to come over to Ann Arbor carbonation was because he was trying to
get back at velvet he knew that that would move velvet knowing that serenity
was coming back over there because velvet as
a woman knows how bad serenity she knows how hard up serenity is to get
her man so she was she did was velvet put our differences besides there the
the the the two of a kind and she went back over to someone who was just like
her it’s a messed up relationship but they
messed up together but she was not going to allow that to take place
now if serenity was serious about going over the carbonation she had the plane
ticket that Rambo bought her weeks before velvet ever came back over the
carbonation she should have went over the carbonation then now how it would
have worked out for her we don’t know but for her to be sitting up here acting
disappointed we should be disappointed in serenity because you lied to the
public making it seem like the reason that you were going back to carbonation
was for the knowledge the way basically Nature Boy teaches the knowledge you was
not going over to UM carbonation because of no knowledge he was going over the
carbonation for your own selfish reasons you thought that you were going to be
able to get a chance at while Nature Boy was in a vulnerable state and trying to
get over um velvet you have low self esteem yourself serenity so you figured
I will be the vessel that he can use to get over velvet and hopefully being
around me long enough maybe he will start to be in fall in love with me I
will start to grow on him and maybe it can turn into love that’s what a lot of
women in our community do on a daily basis they call them side shakes and she
was willing to be the side chick and I say side chick because to me
natureboy a velvet would never broke up they was separated and that’s what
velvet at the time needed velvet was going back as we all see she went back
in due time well she was trying to cheat nature boy a lesson
which for now I do believe the way he’s acting is fake as I would call it
sincere but he’s doing anything necessary to make sure that Velvets
happy so that he can have her stay put over the in combination with him because
for whatever reason velvet went from growing on Nature Boy to him falling in
love with her and when she left I’m quite sure as a human beyond the
scamming and the liven and deceitfulness that he has in him and the demonic
spirit that he has over him he still as a human at the end of the day and I’m
quite sure and I know that there is love for velvet
that’s way stronger than the love that he would ever have for serenity and
serenity knows that serenity needs to get her together she needs to learn how
to love herself first she also needs to learn how to know how to be alone
because if you can’t be alone you can’t be with no one and she has to accept
things in life that that’s not what was written for her and it wasn’t written
for her to be with Nature Boy that is why she’s not with Nature Boy and that
is why she needs to continue on her journey trying to find herself rebuild
herself and acknowledge that you got a loved one so first and if someone’s not
loving you or attracted to you and the way you want them to be accept it say
I’m fine with that I’m good with that and move on because there’s gonna be
someone when you’re not looking for them that’s gonna come along that’s gonna be
for you nature boys not for serenity and what’s so sad is this is not gonna be
the last time you hear a video from me because Velvets gonna have another
breakdown she’s gonna meltdown over something that nature boy is gonna do
that’s in his character because he’s only being the way he’s
being because he’s doing it for someone which
is velvet and when you do something for someone else and is not from your heart
is not who you are you slip and in nature boy is gonna have a slip-up and
Velvets gonna get angry and it’s gonna be some turmoil and she might leave
again and I feel as though again serenity is gonna put us off in this
compromising situation which he thinks that now it’s her time to go over the
carbonation and I believe the next time that it happens she’s gonna break her
neck to get over there and what’s gonna happen Velvets gonna come back over
there and she’s gonna be stuck so she should look at this as a blessing that
velvet in fact did come back before she went over to carbonation because they’re
not gonna treat her like she should be treated serenity when she’s over in
carbonation they never have treated her the way she should have been treated
when she was in carbonation from the past people don’t change you have to
change your current situation if you want to see change

25 thoughts on “Rambo Will Be Kicking Serenity Out NOW Go W/ Natureboy You Wanted To Be At Carbonnation Edited”


  2. So now we know its a show for entertainment… I feel swindled but I'll still watch. Does this mean that these are natural responses from these individuals or does it just mesn that circumstances are created but natural organic responses are recorded? Trying to find my way and navigate .lol

  3. Pluse serenity gives me developmental delayed vibes… not surprised!. She's beautiful though. What gets me about serentiy is that she speaks like she is such a matter of fact person but she really just talks to convince herself.

  4. She absolutely shouldnโ€™t be allowed back. Only the child. If she doesnโ€™t wanna do that then go for coparenting ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ especially after her man got her a ticket

  5. you have to remember rambo said he brought her a ticket but we never saw the tick et, you are 100% right she has to learn to love herself

  6. Now I'm really beginning to question this, if she had a ticket a long time ago from Rambo, cut her hair off a long time ago but didn't go, hmmm, this seems to be another scene… ijs.

  7. Serenity is a sad case she is in a beautiful place. If she and Rambo had an brain they would buld a community were they are at

  8. He don't want that girl.. he seen her at her worst and looking half dead. Her voice is obnoxious and she has low self-esteem. She would be a maid, cook, janitor, sucker anything but his #1.

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