Let’s look at food technology now Chris, it
hasn’t really, you’ve been around a few years, I have, nothing’s really changed in the way
we make these products and at some point, technology has to be able to drive a higher
level of change. Now, this is a step change in terms of what we’re looking at here. Why
are we going to want to engage in this? Well, you need to engage into this technology because
it’s how far can we push the boundaries.There are a lot of people out there starting to
use Steam Infusion. And, just by using that, they’re producing products that can’t be manufactured
any other way. We’ve seen manufacturers out there try and fail in mimicking Steam Infusion
products. Once you start looking into a system like this, it can go so much further. We can
be producing in the dark for any light sensitive products, we can be producing in modified
atmospheres. So if we take the whole of the all the recipes that we can produce, what
you’re basically telling me, we’ve just, at the moment, we’ve just got a pie of the circle.
And, technology helps us widen that pie. Exactly. And, the way the system works is we can add
so much more as even when it might not be invented yet, it’s a case of we can bolt it
in and carry on so much easier than… So, technology gives us a wider product range
and with this type of thing, it’s scaled to match the actual demand that’s coming from
the consumer. Talking about recipes that have more vibrant colours, less fat and such like,
and less process, it’s almost like making food at home isn’t it Chris. It is, it’s as
you would in your saucepan. This is just a slightly larger saucepan. And, everything
you do at home, the way that you cook by lifting up your saucepan, taking it to your mixers,
or, adding more ingredients, we can do it exactly here, we can mimic it perfectly.

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