Hey this Joschi from @motivation.ninja and
in this video we will take another look at an Instagram scheduler which is
actually perfect when you have at least three accounts and it’s actually a
software you have to pay for so if you search for a free Instagram scheduler I
will link video in the top and in this video we just take a look at a software
which is called iconosquare and we will hop right into the video alright so
I’m at the website from iconosquare right now and with that software you can
actually schedule Instagram post from your desktop computer and as you can see
you can start a 14-day free trail with that software and I also will put a link
in the description below so you can check it out but first of all before we
are going to start the 14-day free trial in this video we want to have a look at
the pricing so we are going to take a quick look at it and as you can see it’s
or the smallest package is 29 euros per month and you can handle 3 Instagram
profiles with it and if you upload posts every single day you want to schedule it
because it takes so much time if you do everything manually so that’s a pretty
pretty nice package but it’s yeah a little bit expensive so what we are
going to do is we going to go back and then we are going to start a free trial
so we of course have to fill out that form really quick and I will fill out
that form and of course you have to fill out all checkboxes and then I will be
back in the video so after you filled out all your information you will see a
page like this and then you have to simply connect your Instagram and
Facebook account to your iconosquare account to yeah basically to schedule
your Instagram post from your desktop so it’s asking you what you are what
permissions you want to unlock and we will just say select all because we want
all that stuff and then we just hit OK and it it will redirect us to Facebook
and it says as you can see I’m logged in as Mitch and it’s just an account made for this video and then you also have to give permission so I’ve done
that and after that it’s basically looking like this and then you have to
connect yeah you’re basically your Facebook page and your Facebook page
simply should be connected to your Instagram page and as you can see this
page is connected with an Instagram profile so I will set this up and the
only thing you have to do is now is to hit that button and then you can see now
this right and we simply have to tell out what we simply have to fill out this
information so how many profiles do you manage I just manage one yeah
basically two but I am just connecting with one instagram page and I’m the
only one are you an agency no select type so we will do just this influence
on non-business and then you can select your time zone and I’m from Germany so
this is my time zone and then you simply hit start 14-day free trail and after
that you will see something like this so we can’t close this iconosquare is just
fetching data as you can read it right here and this will take a couple of
minutes so I’m going to pause that video and I will be back when it’s finished so
finally after half an hour or something you get a notification like this and
then you just hit OK and you also have to confirm your email address and I
already did that and yeah you will basically if you confirm your email
address see this so it’s almost the same and what we want to do now is to
schedule a post right so let’s go to publishing and then to the scheduler so you will need to download our app and sign into iconosquare for
Instagram posting so before you actually can use iconosquare on your desktop
computer you have to download the app and also log in in the app with the data
you gave in in the beginning like when you created your account and then you
can schedule your post with icono square and that actually exact the same
as if you use later and as I already told you I already made a video about it
so I will not I will not show you how to download the app and log into it I will
just do it right now and then after I’ve done it I will be
back so I just downloaded the app and then we just hit yeah setup to get
started blah blah blah and now it should work
because I already downloaded the app and as you can see now we can schedule our
post so the only thing we need to do now is to basically open up a post and drag
and drop it here so let’s do it real quick so it’s actually not working with
drag and drop but we can simply hit the plus button or we hit that plus button
here and then we can upload files from a computer or yeah something and I have a
folder somewhere there it is so we’re going to open up the folder and then I
have two posts created and we are going to open that two posts it will take a
couple of seconds and now we can schedule it so I’m going to scroll down
well up and then I will basically schedule this post right so you can add
a caption here and I will delete it afterwards so I will just take it as a
test so this is a caption create new label I don’t know I don’t really sorry
this and yeah just @income.ninja and then we go and schedule it so we hit that button
and then we can yeah basically you can crop your pictures on your smart phone
right and you also can do it here so I’m going to do it like this and as you can
see this tool which is called icono square has very very many options so we
are just going to hit next and now we can say yeah basically automatically
post to Instagram and we schedule it for Sunday I’m going to scheduled for Sunday
for basically I want to it to be uploaded it and 255 yeah then we can add
a location like United States so I’d say America I’m just going to
type it in and I only want this and yeah that should be the caption okay it’s the
caption which also is uploaded to Instagram as you can see you also have
30 hashtags but I’m going to delete it because I or what is your
choice right and I’m not putting any hashtags right now because I am going to
schedule it later with yeah basically with my other scheduler where I have a
full account and then you also can create hashtag lists here which is
pretty pretty good right and as I told you you have to pay a little bit money
for this but it’s giving you so many options you also can save captions which is
pretty pretty nice and yeah I I think it’s the best schedule are out
there and if you have like a 30 euro per month then you should definitely go with
icono square and yeah you just can’t test it 14 days for free as the link is
in the description we are just hitting schedule and yeah
basically we are almost done with it and I all did it on the computer so as you
can see post-confirmation so we just wait a couple of seconds and
yeah as you can see yeah your post will be automatically published and you also
get a notification on your smart phone right now for your approval so you can
open it up and that’s basically just a notification and then you have to allow
it okay so it’s it will be a notification I will put a screenshot
somewhere and yeah basically you just have to hit the allow button and then it’s
done so I’m just clicking on okay and as you can see in your calendar right now
there is a post it will be uploaded at 2:55 a.m. on Sunday
and that’s how you can schedule Instagram page posts from your desktop
alright I hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure to hit that like
button and also make sure to subscribe to my channel and if you want to use
icon square just click the link in the description below and I will see you in
the next video

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  1. With iconosquare you can schedule instagram posts from Desktop very easy… but it also has a lot more to offer do you also wanna see that?

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