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pardpardeftab720li360ri326pardirnatural f0fs24 cf0 Hi, my name is Joe Polizzi.
I am a Security System expert in St. Louis, Missouri.
People ask me all the time what the difference is between a hardwired security system and
a wireless security system. Residential Security and Commercial security
can both be hardwired and/or wireless. The reason you need to know the difference
between these two options is so that you have accurate expectations for maintenance and
upkeep of the burglar alarm system. A hardwired security system is a more traditional
system that requires running wires to every security device.
Typically, running wires to every security device will be a more costly up-front investment
but more cost effective over the long run.
Service technicians will be able to use a meter to find electrical problems or false
alarms that may occur over the life of the system.
Hardwired systems have been the basis of security for decades and withstood the test of time.
A Wireless security system is a relatively new technology that does not require running
wires to every security device. Each security device is battery powered and
transmits back to the main security panel using a radio frequency.
This type of system is normally less costly up-front because it takes less time to mount
each device. Wireless sensors are somewhat more difficult
to service as the devices are transmitting to the security panel in a way we cannot see.
Adding devices to a new or existing security
system, where it is not possible or aesthetically pleasing to run wires, wireless security devices
are ideal. Make sure to note that, because wireless security
systems are battery powered, maintenance will consist of replacing these batteries every
couple of years. Typically, the batteries required for these
devices are available at any store where batteries are sold.
So you may want to learn how to replace these batteries on your own to save some money.
To learn more about residential security and a hardwired security system or wireless security
systems in St. Louis or St. Charles, MO check out some other videos on our YouTube channel
YouTube.com/TheABFfamily or go to our website at ABFSecurity.com.

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