Meet Todd Blomberg. He’s the assistant athletic director and assistant
football coach for Belleville East High School. What is your position at Belleville East High
School? I am the assistant athletic director, and
I also teach psychology there. And I’m also an assistant football coach. What is Dr. Michael Hughes’ role at Belleville
East? He is our team physician. He’s at most of our home football games, and
so I get to see him and interact with him when he’s tending to some of our athletes
during games, or he’s on our sideline and see or talk to him when he’s on the sideline
at our football games. When did you first meet Dr. Hughes? It was in our first home football game, and
it was kind of bittersweet because we had a team doc that I really liked
who I thought was a good guy for our team and always got our athletes back on the field
pretty quick, and so I was a little leery. I was a little skeptical of having a new doctor
and then I met him, got to talk to him and just saw how he was on the sidelines, and
how he treated our kids, and how personable he was, and how active he was. He just didn’t stand back on the side and
just take it all in. He was part of the game actually, and my opinion
of him just flew through the roof. He was outstanding. It’s been a great relationship. He exceeded in my mind what I thought our
new team doc would be, and it’s been great ever since. Do the athletes like Dr. Hughes? The kids really like him. The kids really like him. They think he’s a good guy. The biggest thing they want to do they want
to play. They don’t want to sit on the sidelines, and
they know that Doc Hughes is going to get them on the field as long as it’s not gonna
hurt them, and they respect that. And so what he says goes. And they know that it just because he sees
them, they’re not gonna have to sit out and so they like that. How does Dr. Hughes show he has the athletes’
best interests at heart?I think he wants to make sure the kids are healthy. I don’t think he wants them to damage themselves
to a point where it may have lasting effects. He’s really good, but I’ve noticed he’s really
good about if he doesn’t think a kid can injure himself more or do damage himself that the
kid’s gonna be able to go back in. If it’s something where he thinks the kid
could possibly injure himself more, become worse, then he’s not going to let that happen. And I think that’s probably his number one
thing is he wants the kids to play, but only to a certain point. If an injury occurs, how quickly can an athlete
be seen by Dr. Hughes? It’s unbelievable the relationship between
our athletic trainer and Doctor Hughes’ office. It’s not beyond where we have an athlete maybe
who hurts himself on a Wednesday night at practice, and our trainer will call, make
a text, and we have an appointment Thursday morning to get him to see Doc Hughes. It’s just amazing how fast our athletes get
in to see them, and as a coach or assistant athletic director, that’s amazing. Sometimes you hear horror stories from other
teams where their kids can’t get in the doctor for three or four days which means they can’t
practice. They can’t do anything. And we have pretty much a decision from a
doctor the next morning whether it be to hold the kid out or he’s good to go for now with
limited participation. Can you share a story about Dr. Hughes helping
an athlete? We had an injury on an opponent, and it was
pretty severe. It looked like the kid lost consciousness,
and we had to end up spine boarding him. And Doc Hughes was right there in the middle
of it, of course. And he was unbelievable. He was calm where, you know, most people are
little freaked out when that happens. You see an unconscious player and the spine
board, an ambulance, and everything. And he was a very calm and reassuring. And I remember getting a report in our office
from the parents of the young man a few days later saying just how much they appreciated,
you know, our training staff and the doctor being there, and how great they were and handling
the situation. What is Dr. Hughes’ role on your team? He’s probably one of the more important members. I mean he doesn’t score touchdowns for us
or anything like that or he doesn’t win at basketball. But by him seeing our athletes if they’re
injured and getting them back to play as fast as he does, that’s important for the success
of our team. So he’s every bit as much of a part of our
team as any one of our athletes.

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