hello everyone and thanks for tuning
into the financial investor channel my name is Brent and today we’re gonna be
doing our final and last video for 2017 covering our stock market weekly recap
our dates we’re gonna be covering is December 25th through the 29 we’re also
going to be covering a few little articles that I posted on my Facebook
page that are currently gonna be involved in like what I’m looking at
going forward into 2018 so I did post on Wednesday that Wednesday was the last
day to do your tax loss selling and then I kind of posted a definition of that
and a good breakdown is if you invested in Intel you made five thousand dollars
in capital appreciation and you bought GE and you lost twenty five hundred
dollars and loss if you had sold your GE stock at a loss of twenty five hundred
and you sold your Intel stock at a gain of five thousand you could defer twenty
five hundred dollars of the loss of GE towards your capital gains from Intel so
you’d only pay taxes on the short term capital appreciation of twenty five
hundred dollars so this website does give a better breakdown you could do
this with all types of investments you know stocks real estate and there is a
limit I believe it’s three years but this article and there’s other many
other ones that kind of cover it I could probably do a video in the future
talking a little bit about tax loss selling that should have been one I
should have actually covered in early December because we were coming up into
the end of the new year I also released a couple articles here that I was taking
a look at IBM and Walmart there’s a couple other companies out there that
are you know they’re blue chip they’re actually big companies not these little
pineapple style investments or stocks you know these are
legitimate big companies that are actually interested in using blockchain
technology so I posted a couple articles there and it’s interesting to say the
least that these big companies are starting to get involved in the new
technology that’s available to them and you know with IBM and seller launching
blockchain banking across multiple countries
Walmart’s doing a blockchain thing over in China you know these are two
companies I’ve taken a look at it will probably be covering quite a bit in 2018
or maybe investing and so those are some upcoming videos I have planned to talk
about I already did you know I covered the stash invest and then wrapping up
2017 it’s been an amazing year you know I went from being a growth investors you
know I vested in Amazon and Alibaba Expedia I bought Amazon it around four
hundred and fifty dollars within my motive investing I believe it was July
of 2015 when I started doing a stock market I bought shares of Amazon and
then I sold them this year sometime after they were in the $900 range so I
had a hundred a hundred percent capital you know hundred percent capital
appreciation within my Amazon stocks and then a few others in there so I enjoy
being a dividend growth investor I enjoy those monthly dividend payouts they’re
really fun to kind of track and it’s a different style of investing for sure
and there is also that dividend you know the the growth there as well you know a
lot of the stocks they didn’t have a hundred percent growth over the last two
years but say if I did invest in the video or a couple other ones those ones
have jumped up over a hundred percent in the last few years as well so upcoming
videos on the 30th which is today you guys will be seeing the stock market
weekly recap on the 31st I’ll be covering my three or four stocks to
watch a Brian July or January whoops getting free months ahead
also recovering the stock portfolio the end of December 2017 and on the third
which is Wednesday will we be covering the ex-dividend for the following week
so those are some of the things that I kind of have scheduled and then a few
other videos will be kind of doing you know scattered through there all my
financial and personal goals for 2018 stocks to watch in 2018 investing in
stash and creating content on that again and that’s in an m1 finance and creating
content on that again answering any questions other viewers and subscribers
would have so that’s all coming up in 2018 we now jump in over to the actual
stock market weekly weekly recap for 2017 December 25 through the 29th so
this week was actually a pretty slow week you know Monday markets were closed
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday my portfolio was creeping up very slowly in the point
zero decimals and then Friday you know everything kind of fell apart
there so weekly index recap for S&P 500 there was a loss of 0.36 percent for the
week the Dow Jones fell back point one four percent this week the Nasdaq fell
back point eight 1% and then my F&I portfolio fell back by point zero two
percent this week and most of those losses were on Friday we can see here
that the S&P 500 was kind of this you know this that nothing happened on minor
oki Monday’s even taken out of here so you can see here Friday Tuesday third
Wednesday Thursday Friday everything was holding pretty steady up
until Friday it opened up very nicely and then towards the end of the trading
day everything just kind of fell I was actually pretty positive within my
portfolio and I was feeling pretty happy for the end of 2017 being a Green Day
and then it all went sideways so here’s the Dow Jones Friday so three out of the
five days negative two out of the five days
positive and then Friday kind of killed off any any games that it may have had
within that week you can see that Friday everything tips here towards the decline
so a bit of a bit of a you know backs up their weekly dividends nothing inside
mine on retirement account and then my retirement account
I had this is actually G CI this was a company I had invested in just a few
weeks ago I believe it was just one stock one or two shares that I had
purchased mainly to kind of test the waters of the dividend swing trading
potential and I didn’t put any money you know I bought two shares I didn’t have
any Commission cost on it so it’s 32 cents of profit within my Roth IRA so I
said not an amazing week for dividend payouts but it’s money and it’s inside
my Roth IRA as far as weekly swing trades nothing took place this week you
know another very slow week so I did have my retirement account I’m still
holding on to those OMC shares that I purchased I purchased twelve shares of
OMC at seventy four dollars and sixty eight cents this their ex-dividend date
was several Monday’s ago I think it was two months ago and I’m still holding it
I’m down about two point four eight percent but you know it was a great
stock to hold buy and hold for the long term they’ve been paying out dividends
for the last ten years or more so if we took this and went over to dividend calm
and went ahead and logged in here Oh they’ve
been paying out dividends for the last seven years but still a good investment
you can see they’ve had suddenly steadied dividend growth they just had a
dividend increase of around twelve percent so good company overall very low
payout ratio so no worries here I believe going forward they will easily
recover you know once they’re kind of going
through and that that’s completely fine so that is essentially it for this video
we’ve covered you know the upcoming things videos that will be released
later than the following week we’ve also covered the weekly recap for the last
week of 2017 so I will be pushing out my end of the month in year video here soon
so look forward to that another great thing on my youtube
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