Manufacturers, medical device companies and the general public will soon have access to powerful AI-driven 3-D printing software. 3-D printing is often touted as the future of manufacturing. It allows us to directly build objects from computer-generated designs, meaning industry can manufacture customized products in-house, without outsourcing parts. But 3-D… Continue Reading Making 3-D printing smarter with machine learning | PrintFixer

(upbeat music) – Machine learning is a method of data analysis that learns from experience. It allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look. And as models are exposed to new data, they are able to independently adapt. This may seem like a futuristic technology… Continue Reading What Is Machine Learning? | Tech-x-planations | Singularity Hub

we introduce RoMA the robotic modeling assistant a system that allows users to design 3d digital models in Augmented Reality while a robotic 3d printer fabricates the design at the same time, in the same space With RoMA, users can integrate physical constraints early in the design process place physical… Continue Reading RoMA: Interactive Fabrication with Augmented Reality and a Robotic 3D Printer

Shown here is the machine learning algorithm that we developed for 3D printing. Machine learning algorithms all have the same general structure where you have the input variables on the bottom layer and the output on the top. Whereas standard algorithms have essentially a black box in the middle that… Continue Reading Newell Washburn: Demonstration of a Machine Learning Algorithm for 3D Printing

♪Music Starts♪ Delta Robots are comprised of three articulating arms connected to an output stage. They are extremely precise and agile, and can be used for “pick & place” and 3D Printing. Researchers at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS have developed a millimeter-scale delta robot, the “milliDelta”. Possible applications… Continue Reading The milliDelta Robot

This is a teach pendant, and traditionally, it’s how you teach a robot arm to do something. It’s awkward. Two of the problems with programming robots the traditional way are that you need to tell it exactly what you want it to do, point to point. The other is that… Continue Reading 3D Printing Stainless Steel with Giant Robot Arms

I’m Shoji Takeuchi from The University of Tokyo working at the Institute for Industrial Science This is a very small robot of only a few centimeters The first motivation to make a biohybrid robot was from the scientific fictions This is the body of the skeleton for the biohybrid robot… Continue Reading Rise of the biohybrid robots

There’s a lot of things that you need to do on the surface of another planet such as exploring a site or maybe correcting an instrument or creating a temporary shelter to shield from dust or wind on Mars. We are looking into a swarm of soft robots that can… Continue Reading Beyond the Metal: NASA Investigating Soft Robots for Space Exploration

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Maslow, the renowned American psychologist, identified the pyramid of human needs, at the base of which are the two essentials, food and shelter. So shelter is the topic of my presentation tonight. At the dawn of the 21st century, unfortunately this is the… Continue Reading Contour Crafting: Automated Construction: Behrokh Khoshnevis at TEDxOjai