Hello? Hello chimpanzee! How are you? I come in peace. Look what I’ve found. Oh, ouch, ouch… Watch! Here’s an invisible banana! Good luck! Oh… Keep it. It’s yours! Give it a try. Jackpot! That was fun. Now I have to go! Take these as a token of my appreciation.… Continue Reading Chimp vs. Robot Magic

>>Hi all. Good morning or good evening, depending on where you’re located. Thank you for joining our Power BI webinar, and my name is Deepak Shankar. I’m a community manager within the Microsoft Business Application group. Today, we have Markus, an MVP with with us, who will walk through the… Continue Reading Self Service AI in Power BI Desktop | Community Webinar

Hello, I’m Nicholas Thompson. I’m the editor at Wired and this is Tech in 60 seconds. Let’s go. We don’t know. He wrote a short Instagram post and said he was gonna do it. It is a ton of money, though. It would be more spent on climate change than… Continue Reading Nicholas Thompson on Bezos’ climate change pledge; Europe/AI; copy-paste | Tech in :60 | GZERO Media

Translator: Helen Chang Reviewer: David DeRuwe Hi. My name is Curtis Hawthorne. I work with Google Brain on the Magenta project. With the Magenta project, we’re seeking to answer the questions “Can machine learning be used to create compelling pieces of music and art?” “If so, how?” and “If not,… Continue Reading Music and Art Generation using Machine Learning | Curtis Hawthorne | TEDxMountainViewHighSchool

>>Hi, all. Good morning or good evening, depending on where you’re all located. Thank you for joining our Power BI webinar. My name is Deepak Shankar, I’m a Community Manager within the Microsoft Business Application Group. Today, we have Jen and [inaudible] with us, who will walk us through the… Continue Reading How small businesses can succeed using AI and Power BI | Community Webinar

the european union has unveiled its new AI and data strategy to have more transparency and gain a competitive edge on American and Chinese IT giant’s it’s a comprehensive strategy which includes creating a single market for data rules on AI and plans for facial recognition the EU emphasizes the… Continue Reading EU unveils new AI, data strategy amid competition with U.S., Chinese IT giants

– You’re used to doing Machine Learning and Data Science in Python. But now you have this giant data set, it’s about 100 GigaBytes, and it doesn’t fit into your memory. You try to load it into a Pandas DataFrame, and you get an out of memory error. So what… Continue Reading Dask in 15 Minutes | Machine Learning & Data Science Open-source Spotlight #5

You’re looking at the world’s first “living” robots. That’s right, these micro-machines are in fact brand new programmable lifeforms that researchers believe could help clean microplastics from our oceans or even repair organs inside our bodies. So what exactly are these little things and should we expect to see them… Continue Reading Meet the Xenobot, the World’s First-Ever “Living” Robot

– If I asked you to have a guacamole party with me, would you do it? If she would say yes, then the bot would smile and playfully say okay do women love anything more than avocados? (suspenseful music) Oftentimes when there were dull evenings, I would try to find… Continue Reading How HACKERS Are Using AI & Facial Recognition on Tinder | Mashable Originals

One of the key themes kind of in the subtext of the narratives of my work that I create is about democratizing artificial intelligence and kind of looking at the lack of AI governance and AI regulation. And the consequence and implications of that which is what my Perception iO… Continue Reading Why democratizing AI is absolutely crucial | Karen Palmer | Big Think