– [Interviewer] Hello and welcome to Experian’s Weekly Data Talk, a show featuring some of the smartest people working in data science. Today we’re excited to talk with Bill Vorhies, he’s the editorial director at Data Science Central, and the president and chief data scientist at Data Magnum. Bill, thank… Continue Reading The Ethical & Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence @DataScienceCtrl (Episode 44) #DataTalk

Speaker 1: Hello Mercedes. Hello Mercedes. Speaker 2: Hello Mercedes. Mercedes: How many I help you? Speaker 2: Can you take me to Rotterdam? Mercedes: Do you want to start route guidance, or modify the current route guidance? The destination Rotterdam has been inserted.

okay thank you guys so much for coming to this tepee tent structure I know there’s about 12 stages today so we’re really happy that you’ve joined us so yeah the name of the panel is the institutions are coming, so a very optimistic approach to the ever-present question of… Continue Reading The Institutions are Coming

all right by way of brief introduction I’m Jade I’m from the University of Oxford and I come from a place called the Centre for the governance of AI and it takes quite a different flavour to the kind of topic Fiona talked about because we take a very long-term… Continue Reading Regulación de la Inteligencia Artificial | Jade Leung

[MUSIC] Hi there! My name is Grant Ronald for the Oracle Mobile Platform Team. Now any new technology introduces its own concepts and language, so in this video, I’m going to take a quick look at the building blocks and the terminology around the development of intelligent bots. Now broadly… Continue Reading Bots: 03. The Building Blocks and Terminology of Intelligent Bots

Computers are becoming better and better everyday. They have become better, faster, and stronger. They have even started replacing humans especially in the workplace Does this mean that what we saw in the Matrix and Terminator movies is going to happen? Does this mean that companies like Skynet are going… Continue Reading الذكاء الإصطناعي الآن وفي المستقبل- Artificial Intelligence now and in the future

So, what I’m here to talk about today is artificial intelligence or AI and Microsoft’s deep belief that humans and computers working together through increasingly intelligent algorithms can drastically change the way that we, as a society, respond to some of our greatest challenges. And so, over the past year… Continue Reading Esri UC 2017: Microsoft AI

AI Planners are used in the generation of action sequences in robots such as the Freddy 2 Hand/Eye Assembly Robot displayed here in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. This version of Freddy from four decades ago had a large, fixed mounted arm with sophisticated touch sensitive grippers, and… Continue Reading AI Planning for Robots

My definition of intelligence basically is that it’s a tool that we as people use for achieving goals – it can be any kind of goals. But what is intelligence? I think about it as a tool that represents the real world, which is very complex, into a simplified, some… Continue Reading Marek Rosa: What is Intelligence?

Hello Joachim, thank you for giving a statement with a regard to the recent news. On Monday, October the 7th, 3U announced that the holding company has aquired a property close to a new campus of Würzburg University and plans to establish a building. How does this all fit in… Continue Reading 3U HOLDING AG creates basis for artificial intelligence cluster