Ever want to automatically create insights about data sets? Now you can with Explain, one of the Machine Learning features available in Oracle Analytics. Explain algorithms automatically create insights to help you visually describe the various aspects of that data. Let’s say you want a detailed view of employee attrition.… Continue Reading Use Machine Learning Explain to Discover Data Insights in Oracle Analytics V5.4

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Hello everyone! I am Muhtar Machine Learning-Restoration of the Saved Training Data for Supervised Classification. Note that this is a continuation of the Lecture 3 , the previous lecture. You should see this before see this lecture 4. I have link and copy it, paste it here. The aim of… Continue Reading Lec-4: Machine Learning-Restoration of the Saved Training Data (Supervised Classification)

[Music] Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. AI � everybody heard about AI, which is short for Artificial Intelligence. I am so happy that so many people are here, and you are natural intelligence. So, I feel really happy to be surrounded by such a nice natural intelligence. [laughter]… Continue Reading From Explainable AI to Human-centered AI | Andreas Holzinger | TEDxMedUniGraz

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