>>You’re not going all miss this episode of the AI Show. Where we learn about, automated machine learning, how to build AI with AI and One-Click Deploy to boot. Make sure you tune in. We’ll see you there. [MUSIC].>>Hello. Welcome to this episode of the AI Show. We are going… Continue Reading Simplifying Machine Learning with Automated ML

Once upon a time a little girl was imprisoned inside a cursed castle ruled by a mysterious evil queen. While trying to escape she encountered a robot that decided to help her. Together they faced many challenges that tested the strength of their new found friendship. Welcome to the world… Continue Reading The Girl and the Robot – The Card Game Trailer

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: a country on strike. France comes to a nationwide standstill, as protests over pension reform close schools and stop trains. Then: anatomy of a conspiracy — how a disproven narrative tying Ukraine to interference in the 2016 election found… Continue Reading PBS NewsHour full episode December 6, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right. So I’m Saul Griffith. I work at a little lab called Otherlab. We have too much fun, as you’ll find out shortly. I’m actually going to talk today about going soft, which is going to be an elaborate discussion of why this is the past of… Continue Reading We Solve for X: Saul Griffith on inflatable robots

Well hello to everyone. Like in the beginning of every video from now on- a little magic trick. Warning: it will be very fast. ANDDD TADAAAAA WOOOOOOHHHH Excellent! Thank you to all. It’s in an even better condition now. YEEESSS song : ~Tomorrow everything will be fine~ Dear friends, deep… Continue Reading J’AI COMPLÈTEMENT CRAQUÉ…

Welcome Everyone to EDUREKA You-tube channel. Your one stop solution for learning the most trending technologies. My name is SAURABH, and today I will be discussing the 10 most trending technologies, that everyone is talking about and will acquire a huge market in 2018. So u can make this as… Continue Reading Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2018 | Trending Technologies 2018 | @edureka!

Yeah, I love playing piano. I play piano all the time to relax, and I’m really happy that I was able to use “Clair de Lune” ’cause it’s one of my favorite pieces. And to be able to incorporate it into my research is really exciting. Neuroscience informed me of… Continue Reading Applying Neuroscience and Music to Landscape Design

What is automation? It’s essentially technology in the workforce. And as this technology enters the workforce — as, essentially, employers hire robots — what is the social impact? In an effort to answer some of these questions, I decided to hit the road across a swath of the Midwest. The… Continue Reading Robot-Proof Jobs with David Brancaccio

PPI Technologies Group is a packaging machinery company. This is a premade pouch fill seal machine. We partnered with Cognex and Teknical Group to come up with a solution for us to provide a vision system on our equipment based on the challenges we were seeing with print and OCR… Continue Reading Deep Learning OCR with PPI Technologies Group & Teknical

Welcome in this video we will look at the Patcher of FL Studio 20. My name is Mattias and let’s take the tour! [EDM Layered Synth patch created with Patcher] yeah so that’s a little preset that I put together here in the patcher of FL Studio. Okay, so what… Continue Reading How to use FL Studio Patcher Tutorial