Explainable AI is a series of techniques that are used to build trust in artificial intelligence products. Machine learning teaches algorithms how to learn without needing to program them for specific tasks. The problem is that many algorithms are known as black boxes, which means that their consumers and creators… Continue Reading Explainable AI by Lauren Maffeo – GetApp

So Austin Fraser is a British born specialist recruitment agency, founded in 2007. We’ve been operating for about 10 years. We have offices in the USA, in Texas, in Germany, Berlin and Munich, and in Reading in the UK, which is our headquarters. Our commercial and legal team are responsible… Continue Reading Unboxing Opportunities with Apps – Translation Automation

Hello everyone and welcome back to the keep productive YouTube channel on today’s feature We’re here on asana and we’re going to be intentionally demonstrating to you the new list layout which are available through asana Will actually be playing around with some of the custom fields and how they… Continue Reading Asana release new list abilities & automation

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Today we’re making lunch with the help of two free iPhone applications and to make things interesting we’re gonna do it blindfolded. This is Power On. The kitchen. For a lot of people with limited vision, the kitchen may seem like a place you’d want to avoid. But today, we’re… Continue Reading Microsoft Seeing AI vs. Be My Eyes | Low Vision Apps

Hey, I’m Raanah with Office 365. Crafting a great resume can be a daunting task. Showcasing your accomplishments and describing your work experiences in the best way possible is a challenge! That’s where the new Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word comes in. It’s powered by LinkedIn to help you craft… Continue Reading Microsoft Resume Assistant: Word + AI + LinkedIn

Translator: J Lodge Reviewer: Hélène Vernet Imagine we could treat the brain without prescription drugs. There is a technology which is almost 100 years old now and which is about to revolutionize the field of neuroscience. It all began with this man, Hans Berger. In 1924, by placing electrodes on… Continue Reading Soigner le cerveau sans médicament grâce aux neurosciences | Louis Mayaud | TEDxRennes