Welcome Everyone to EDUREKA You-tube channel. Your one stop solution for learning the most trending technologies. My name is SAURABH, and today I will be discussing the 10 most trending technologies, that everyone is talking about and will acquire a huge market in 2018. So u can make this as… Continue Reading Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2018 | Trending Technologies 2018 | @edureka!

Hey guys Matt here from MKSmartHouse.com and in this video we are going to be doing a final installation of the home automation server. [Intro] So in this video we are going to be taking the raspberry pi and mounting it on the network wall. First let’s go over the… Continue Reading Complete Guide Setting Up The Home Automation Server (OpenHAB 2 + MQTT): Final Installation

♪Music Starts♪ Delta Robots are comprised of three articulating arms connected to an output stage. They are extremely precise and agile, and can be used for “pick & place” and 3D Printing. Researchers at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS have developed a millimeter-scale delta robot, the “milliDelta”. Possible applications… Continue Reading The milliDelta Robot

– Automation is experiencing unprecedented global paradigm shifts. Young engineers and software developers are shaping new methodologies. Future-oriented industrial business models are possible thanks to cloud computing. Phoenix Contact offers you open automation solutions that enable you to be successful in the market. In the future, our customers must be… Continue Reading Open automation platform

There are many machine learning models used for classification Support vector machines (or SVM) is one of them SVM draws a boundary between the extreme cases of two classes. We’re going to see what that means in a second Now, we’re going to use the same data set we used… Continue Reading VR Machine Learning Course – Support Vector Machines (SVM)

( intro music ) ( applause ) Kobie Boykins: Tonight what we are going to try to do… we are going to take an exploration, an exploration of the planet surface of Mars. And we are going to look at that planet through the eyes of Rovers. And the first… Continue Reading The Curious Life of a Mars Rover | Nat Geo Live

Hi, I’m Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures. Coming to you from Beijing. And this is AI In 60 Seconds. I think the main thing happening in the AI era is routine jobs will increasingly be done by AI and people have to move on to things that people are… Continue Reading How will education change in the era of A.I.?

Imli, today is Chulbul’s birthday and he doesn’t even remembers. Come on, let’s give him a surprise. Yes Vir, Even Chulbul will be happy with a surprise party. Why did they suddenly stop talking and run to the terrace? My donkey sense says that they are hiding something from me.… Continue Reading Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Kids Cartoon shows | Happy Birthday Chulbul | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Hey, can’t you get the aroma from my tiffin? Not at all, but what do you have in your tiffin? Today my mummy has given me something very special. What is it? Its potato breads and pickle of raw mangoes. Potato breads and pickle of raw mangoes!! Thanks Bunty, your… Continue Reading Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Gintu ban gaya teacher | Animated Series| Wow Kidz