Let’s now go back and write a program in which we calculate the new mean and the new variance term. I really just want you to write a Python program that implements those equations so that we can test them. I’m giving you a skeleton program, which has a function… Continue Reading New Mean and Variance – Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

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JUDY WOODRUFF: One of the fundamental economic shifts of our time is the way that big data is disrupting commerce and everyday life. Artificial intelligence, which involves machines learning, analyzing and using enormous sets of data, is expected to have an ever-wider impact, transforming industries and eliminating some jobs. That… Continue Reading How big data is transforming creative commerce

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Nowadays, everyone seems to be building artificial intelligence, but no one talks about one of the most important aspects of the work: data annotation. The people who are undertaking this time-consuming, boring task without the flare that usually encircles A.I. Without their dedicated work, it is impossible to develop algorithms,… Continue Reading Data Annotators: The Unsung Heroes Of AI Development – The Medical Futurist

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