From unprecedented technological leaps to the dangers they present, join us today as we ask will artificial intelligence end us? In simple terms, AI is the intelligence displayed by machines in contrast with the natural intelligence of human beings. Our brains, however, and the realm of the mind are incredibly… Continue Reading How Dangerous is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The AI I need? It’s gotta scale across my business. Starting here, in procurement, helping us find the right suppliers. Then here in logistics, to avoid disruptions! Here in sales. Even here! I’m talking about AI we can build to work… Here, predicting trends. And here, wherever our data lives.… Continue Reading IBM Watson: AI That Works Everywhere

I’m Dr. David Hanson, and I build robots with character. And by that, I mean that I develop robots that are characters, but also robots that will eventually come to empathize with you. So we’re starting with a variety of technologies that have converged into these conversational character robots that… Continue Reading David Hanson: Robots that “show emotion”

At FOOMA JAPAN 2009, the international food machinery and technology exhibition, people’s attention was caught by robots that handle food with hands just like human ones. Here, sushi is being carried by a sushi robot using a robot arm (M-430iA) manufactured by FANUC. The hand, which has a silicone skin… Continue Reading Sushi Robot and Patisserie Robot : DigInfo

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— In Congress today, a House subcommittee approved draft legislation that would allow manufacturers to put up to 100,000 driverless vehicles per year on the road. It’s a step towards robots replacing us behind the wheel— and phasing out taxi and truck drivers. That’s a ways off, but there’s one… Continue Reading This Bricklaying Robot Can Build Walls Faster Than Humans (HBO)

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Artificial intelligence researchers at DeepMind have mastered Pong, Chess, and Go but some games are on another level. The game of StarCraft II one of the most complicated video games ever created. It is a real-time strategy game which means that you don’t take turns you play and you have… Continue Reading The AI that mastered Starcraft II

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