Uh, it’s great to be here. Uh, I’m very excited to talk to you about some uh-uh latest AI work at the Microsoft and the Microsoft research, but more importantly, I want to talk about two topics, uh very timely topic in AI. It’s called AI buyers uh and explain… Continue Reading Explaining AI

we introduce RoMA the robotic modeling assistant a system that allows users to design 3d digital models in Augmented Reality while a robotic 3d printer fabricates the design at the same time, in the same space With RoMA, users can integrate physical constraints early in the design process place physical… Continue Reading RoMA: Interactive Fabrication with Augmented Reality and a Robotic 3D Printer

Hey there! I’m Alie Astrocyte. And this week on Neuro Transmi.. Uh, Alie? There’s actually a Pokemon right here. Right here? Where? Open up your phone Okay where is it? Turn a little… right there. Oh! It’s a Pidgey! As I was saying…welcome back to Neuro Transmissions. You’ve probably already… Continue Reading The Neuroscience of Pokémon GO

– Do you see that cereal box over there? – Yeah. – Just consciously want it, and it should come to you. – [Woman] Wow, it’s like having superpowers. – (laughs) We can interpret what your brain wants and have you telekinetically control anything in your world. (upbeat music) My… Continue Reading The Telekinetic World of Neurable | Deep Learning

If there was one technology that we had to pick that was going to change the way the world operates it has got to be artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the capability that you see when you speak to Siri or Cortana. Artificial intelligence is the, you know, three line… Continue Reading How will AI and robotics transform jobs of the future? | Tony Saldanha

Rob McClendon: Here’s what’s coming up on your “Horizon.” So here’s a sobering thought: Take any first-grade classroom from around the country, and of those students, 65 percent of those first-graders will work in a type of job that does not even exist today. Today, our focus is centered around… Continue Reading Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1642