Tecnomatic started as a company in the mechanical sector in 1977 and became in the following years a producer of “made in Italy” machines and complete extrusion lines for the production of plastic pipes, always in full accord and satisfaction with the market requirements. In this video we are glad… Continue Reading Automated by B&R – Tecnomatic @ K 2019

This is the industrial automation demo where you can see with Qt what you can achieve in industrial automation application. Qt Design Studio for advanced UI, Qt for Automation for connectivity, and Qt for WebAssembly in order to run your application on the web. So, now you have seen what… Continue Reading Qt in Automation {showcase}

Hey guys! I decided to make a video about the state of current Sonic games because of the Sonic Forces gameplay reveal. We’re going to see how that compares to previous games in the serie and why I think it’s not as good as Generations let alone the classic 2D… Continue Reading A Short Analysis on Automation in Sonic Games

>>Hi, all. Good morning or good evening, depending on where you’re all located. Thank you for joining our Power BI webinar. My name is Deepak Shankar, I’m a Community Manager within the Microsoft Business Application Group. Today, we have Jen and [inaudible] with us, who will walk us through the… Continue Reading How small businesses can succeed using AI and Power BI | Community Webinar

Cemaks Inc. has been manufacturing thermoforming machines since long years His strong team, with more than 25 years experience in the sector and the investments in research and development are well known and recognized on the market. Cemaks machines are installed and producing mainly in Europe, USA, Asia, Turkey and… Continue Reading Automated by B&R – Cemaks @ K 2019

My name is Hendrik Spilker. I’m responsible for the design and development department as well as for automation in our family business, which operating for over 50 years. We at Spilker see ourselves as the premier supplier of cutting dies, rotary tools and custom specialty machines. We have always been… Continue Reading Automated by B&R – Spilker | VISION SOLUTIONS [audio: DE]

DIY mode it’s been the big new thing from so nafse they’ve got a couple devices that it works with one of them is the Sun off basic r3 the other one is the mini which I hope to get my hands on very soon the mini is something like… Continue Reading Sonoff NEW DIY Mode easier Tasmota flashing | home automation

Our strength is the construction kit that is part of our portfolio. We are active in a relatively large area of drive technology – up to 45kW, up to 13,000 Newton metres. We are very good at this, and we have already made many customers happy with this. My name… Continue Reading Motoren und Getriebe: Automation with Drive, Episode 2 – KEB Automation