in today’s video I’m going to show you that knowing the inversions of the three string triad shapes is a game changer when it comes to connecting chords with a bass line or in a solo context bass hack coming up hey Basshackers Mischa here with MMEducation showing you how… Continue Reading The Triad Inversions Hack – MMEducation (Bass & Neuroscience)

in today’s video I’m going to show you why learn something new often feels like we’re taking a step back when starting out I also share a little trick with you and how you can turn those beginning struggles into one win after another bass hack coming up hey Basshackers… Continue Reading The 4 Stages Of Learning – MMEducation ( Bass & Neuroscience)

RFID – Radio-frequency Identification is the use of an tag for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. Transceiver with antenna is scanning area for transponder to estimate wireless communication then relay collected data to the output. RFID node is a set of reader and control unit able… Continue Reading Case study: RFID Building Automation demo on Advantech products. Linux PHP

FSG and Lynxspring work together in a really kind of symbiotic relationship where FSG does a lot of installations of problem-solving for the end customers and Lynxspring provides us a lot of behind the scenes architecture and hardware solutions. FSG came on as an explosive type of customer, a disruptive… Continue Reading FSG Smart Buildings & Lynxspring Partnership | Building Automation Project