Here’s one of those games I wish I knew existed back when it was new. Just take a look at it! Star Wars Droidworks, Developed and published by Lucas learning in 1998 for Macintosh and Windows PCs. Yeah that’s right, Lucas Arts had a spin-off edutainment arm for a while.… Continue Reading Star Wars DroidWorks: Robot Abomination Simulator

So I received this really fancy looking box from the folks at Dyson they claim to have the next innovative thing in vacuuming But this one is obviously different, You can tell from the box and the scale of it. *knocking* Ooooh! The 26th Dyson 360 Eye to enter the… Continue Reading The Most Futuristic Robotic Vacuum

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Welcome to my channel check video description for english video I have also provided the links of devices I use at my home in the video description Also I provided the link of related videos as well Visit to know more about Home Automation and Smart Home Gadgets Don’t… Continue Reading Smart Home Products Demo Hindi: Home Automation Setup using Google Home, My स्मार्ट होम setup, India

welcome back to the channel today we’re going to look at a new robotic vacuum this is from Proscenic. This robovac features a smart aft control alexa control powerful suction smart wrapping and a lot of other cool features so here’s the vacuum in the charging station and I have… Continue Reading PROSCENIC Robot Vacuum Cleaner 💥NEW 820S Robo Vac|Alexa & App 👈

(Ian) Shut Up!! [Narrator] Comes with 5 friendship modes. Batteries not included. I’m talking really fast right now because it’s what they do at the end of commercials. Oh my god! I have to get one of those. MOM! Can I have one? Please!? for my birthday? Please! Ian’s Mom:… Continue Reading AWESOME NEW ROBOT!

[MUSIC] What’s going on, YouTube. This is El Tiro and today is Turtle Thursday, where we give you a new concept to add to your freestyle or choreography, mainly in the style of popping. Today, we’re going to be working on some advanced robotics. We are going to be breaking… Continue Reading How to Robot Dance – Best Robot Dance Tutorial How to Dance the Robot

Three, two, one, activate! Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Robots from Robot Wars. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most powerful, effective and downright iconic robots from the long-running UK series of “Robot Wars” – with today’s… Continue Reading Top 10 Badass Robots From Robot Wars