[MUSIC PLAYING] YUFENG GUO: In previous videos, you’ve seen me running Python code live on screen and showing the results. On this episode of “AI Adventures,” I’ll show you how to use Jupyter notebooks to achieve the same results. The way I’ve been running Python code live on screen is… Continue Reading Jupyter Tips and Tricks (AI Adventures)

YUFENG GUO: One of the top things that I get asked about is AutoML. In this two-part video, let’s try using AutoML Vision to build and deploy a machine learning model that recognizes different types of chairs along with a few other items sprinkled in for good measure. We’re doing… Continue Reading AutoML Vision – Part 1 (AI Adventures)

Creating and maintaining a data science environment is no easy task.>From installing libraries to updating runtimes, it can be a real drain on both your time and productivity. What if I told you there was a tool that could make all of that go away so you can focus on… Continue Reading Jupyter on the web with Colab (AI Adventures)

Can tweets about the stock market be ignored as random noise, generated by self-proclaimed trading gurus? A study by a team of researchers at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University now shows that tweets contain useful information that can be used to predict stock market developments in the short and… Continue Reading Predicting the stock market with big-data analysis of tweets

In the last video in this series we discussed the differences between deep learning and machine learning, how and when the field of deep learning was officially born and its rise to mainstream popularity. The focus of this video then will be on artificial neural networks, more specifically – their… Continue Reading From The Brain To AI (Neural Networks | What Is Deep Learning | Deep Learning Basics)

L’IA permet d’aider concrètement à mieux vendre et je vais vous présenter deux façons dont nous travaillons avec nos clients aujourd’hui avec PGA motors concessionnaire automobile nous proposons aux commerciaux des NEXT BEST ACTIONS qui leur permettent de savoir quel est le meilleur prix de vente d’un véhicule basé sur… Continue Reading Comment l’IA transforme la vente avec Cédric Mora de Bluedme

Modern science generates a lot of data — amounts far beyond the ability of humans to process on their own. This is why scientists often rely on computational methods such as machine learning — a type of artificial intelligence to crunch big data. In fact, it’s pretty commonplace today, and… Continue Reading Remodelling machine learning: An AI that thinks like a scientist

YUFENG GUO: Welcome. Today on “AI Adventures,” we’re joined in the studio by Justin Zhao, a Google research engineer. Hi, Justin. JUSTIN ZHAO: Hi. YUFENG GUO: Thanks for joining me in the studio today. JUSTIN ZHAO: Yeah, it’s great to be here. YUFENG GUO: We’re going to be talking today… Continue Reading Natural Language Generation at Google Research (AI Adventures)

Data is everywhere, so the use of data and algorithms to make better decisions can transform almost every aspect of life and at Uber, we’re very fortunate because we’re at the center of a transformation in transportation around the world, as well as providing employment and work opportunities for lots… Continue Reading Science at Uber: Improving Transportation with Artificial Intelligence