♪ I love it when you call me Big Data ♪ Welcome to the Dr. Data show! I’m Eric Siegel. Data science, big data, what the hell do these buzzwords really specifically mean? Are they just cockamamie? Intentionally vague jargon that overhypes and overpromises? Or are these terms actually helpful?… Continue Reading What the Heck Does “Data Science” Really Mean? The Dr. Data Show

I mean Data mining is you get a lot of Information in a lot of raw data and you want to get the nuggets of information? Hence the word mining, so the Golden the data. That’s the Data Mining I usually starts with people saying oh You got loads of… Continue Reading Nuggets of Data Gold – Computerphile

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Good day, everyone. This is Dr. Soper here. And today we will be exploring the eighth and final topic in our series of lectures on databases, with today’s topic focusing on big data, data warehouses, and business intelligence systems. Although the objectives for today’s lecture are varied and manifold, broadly… Continue Reading Database Lesson #8 of 8 – Big Data, Data Warehouses, and Business Intelligence Systems

– [Interviewer] Hello, and welcome to Experian’s Data Talk, a time when we get together each week to talk about big data and analytics. At Experian, we believe that big data is good, good for our economy, good for consumers, and good for society. In today’s episode, we get a… Continue Reading Meta Brown: Data Mining for Dummies #DataTalk

>>Hi all. Good morning or good evening, depending on where you’re located. Thank you for joining our Power BI webinar, and my name is Deepak Shankar. I’m a community manager within the Microsoft Business Application group. Today, we have Markus, an MVP with with us, who will walk through the… Continue Reading Self Service AI in Power BI Desktop | Community Webinar

– You’re used to doing Machine Learning and Data Science in Python. But now you have this giant data set, it’s about 100 GigaBytes, and it doesn’t fit into your memory. You try to load it into a Pandas DataFrame, and you get an out of memory error. So what… Continue Reading Dask in 15 Minutes | Machine Learning & Data Science Open-source Spotlight #5

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It’s not enough to create and deploy AI. To build and scale AI with confidence, you need trust and transparency; a foundation of simple, accessible data; and a hybrid, multicloud architecture designed to automate the building, running and managing of a comprehensive AI lifecycle. When organizations can train AI models… Continue Reading The journey to AI: Analyze — build and scale AI with IBM

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