– [Narrator] In this episode, we interview Puneet Mehta, founder and CEO of Netomi. They’re a machine intelligence company that uses AI to turn customer service into a competitive edges. Puneet spent much of his career as a tech entrepreneur, as well as on Wall Street building trading AI. His… Continue Reading Saving Customers & Agents Time with AI: Puneet Mehta at Netomi

(upbeat electronic music) (audience applauding) – Hello, and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics Live. Coming up, we’re joined by John MacIntyre to take a look at Azure Synapse Analytics, our next-gen Azure SQL Data Warehouse Solution that delivers limitless analytics, on-demand query compute at scale, all as a single service. Now,… Continue Reading Azure Synapse Analytics | SQL, data warehouse, ML, and on-demand compute (Microsoft Ignite)

Welcome to Episode #237 of CxOTalk. We are speaking about the future of work, and the disruptions that are changing our lives, and changing our society. I’m Michael Krigsman, an industry analyst and the host of CxOTalk. Before we go farther, I want to thank Livestream, who is our live… Continue Reading Future of Work: Digital Transformation, AI, Big Data, and business analytics (#237)

♪ I love it when you call me Big Data ♪ Welcome to the Dr. Data show, I’m Eric Siegel. AI is a big fat lie. Artificial intelligence is a fraudulent hoax, or in the best cases, it’s a hyped up buzzword that confuses and deceives. The much better, precise… Continue Reading A.I. Is a Big Fat Lie – The Dr. Data Show

Today we would like to present the Nostradamus tool – a tool that is based on machine learning methodologies and the cumulative research of the Exactpro research and development department. Nostradamus allows to resolve tasks for different groups of IT-specialists. QA engineers can improve the defect reports using this tool,… Continue Reading EXTENT-2018: Demo: Machine Learning Applied to Defect Report Analysis

Hi, I’m Ines. I’m the co-founder of Explosion AI, one of the core developers of spaCy, and the lead developer of Prodigy, a new tool for data collection and annotation powered by active learning. Prodigy helps data scientists and developers train and evaluate statistical models faster, by putting the model… Continue Reading TRAINING AN INSULTS CLASSIFIER with Prodigy in ~1 hour