artificial intelligence is today at the heart of all fields whether military, finance bank, intelligence, police, law logistics, transport, robotics, video game art! And medicine is no exception recent studies have shown that artificial intelligence allows predict premature death with a high reliability what place will intelligence have artificial in… Continue Reading Une intelligence artificielle qui prédit la mort ? Deep learning, le futur de la médecine 🤖

– I’ve got my good friend Carter McNabb here somewhere. There he is. Carter will talk to us about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Carter is a founding member of GRA, Australia’s premier supply chain consulting firm, specialising in supply chain strategy planning and execution. Over… Continue Reading GRA – A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Supply Chain

Hi. Eventually, I’m Steve Gallant, founder of MultiModel Research. I’m here with Dan Greenberg. Suppose you run a hospital. Sepsis, a kind of generalized infection, is a major concern because one quarter of the people that die in your hospital are due to sepsis infection. It’s vital to be able… Continue Reading Helping hospitals save lives with Machine Learning | Multi Model Research

TIM: Is the world of tomorrow, in an AI world, more centralized or more decentralized? NEIL: It’s probably going to wind up, at least economically, being more decentralized. I think we’re all gonna become gig folks in some capacity or another. I think as we know work today, it will… Continue Reading CXC Ecoverse eps. 7: Machines will teach us to be more human, Neil Sahota pt. 7

I’m Marcin Abram. I’m a physicist and computer scientist. I work here as lead research scientist for Fetch.AI I created an example of agents who are detecting the availability of parking spots. I wanted to show an example of how an agent can provide value. In a city the congestion… Continue Reading How to Solve Car Parking with Artificial Intelligence | Use Case | Blockchain AI |

What’s up Search Leeds? How’s everyone doing? Good, good, good. Good. I am so excited. We’re gonna have so much fun. All right. So a lot of you have probably heard about Elon Musk. Right. Our last speaker just talked about Steve Jobs. I’m going to say a little something… Continue Reading Machine learning for SEOs | SearchLeeds 2019

Today on CXOTalk, we are speaking with truly one of the foremost AI computer scientists, educators in the world. Andrew Ng, tell us about the work that you do and give us a flavor of your background. There’s a lot of hype, a lot of excitement, a lot of promise… Continue Reading Andrew Ng Teaches AI Strategy for the Enterprise (CxOTalk #365)

Welcome to the final module of this introductory course on data for data science. I’m Matthew Renze, data science consultant, author and public speaker. Now let’s wrap things up for this course so that we can get started on our next course and begin applying this knowledge in the real… Continue Reading Intro to Data – 07-01 – Next Steps

In data science, we have several common scalar data types. We’re going to learn about the ones that you’re most likely to encounter. First, we have categorical data types. We typically encounter three categorical data types in data science. First, we have a character, which represents a single letter, digit,… Continue Reading Intro to Data – 04-04 – Scalar Examples