Everyone knows that guy or gal who’s super smart, and can play soccer while reciting Yeats backwards who also happens to be a SUPER HUGE POTHEAD WHATSUPWITHDAT?! Hey y’all, Trace here for DNews. This week a new 30 year, 39,000 person Canadian study came out comparing tobacco smoking teens with… Continue Reading Do Smart Students Smoke More Pot?

Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. Stripped to its core meaning, consciousness is what allows us to be aware both of our surroundings and of our own inner state. But thinking about consciousness has this habit of taking us round in circles. We all intuitively know what consciousness… Continue Reading The Origin of Consciousness – How Unaware Things Became Aware

3 Questions Only a Genius Can Answer

How do we prevent an AI apocalypse? The Dutch philosopher Spinoza, once said that peace is not an absence of war it is a virtue a state of mind a disposition for benevolence confidence justice. All the great systems we have in our lives exist only because people who had… Continue Reading How to Prevent an AI Apocalypse

IQ seviyenizi daha önce hiç ölçtünüz mü? Dünya’nın en kısa IQ testi Massachusetts Teknoloji Enstitüsü’nden Prof. Shane Frederick’in geliştirdiği dünyanın en kısa IQ testinde sadece 3 sorudan oluşuyor. Evet, yanlış duymadınız! Sadece 3 soru. İngiliz Mirror gazetesinin aktardığına göre, Bilişsel Yansıma Testi (CRT) olarak adlandırılan test 2005 yılında geliştirildiyse de… Continue Reading Dünya’nın En Kısa IQ TESTİ 3 SORU! Wechsler IQ Test 💪🧠

Translator: Romy Carvalho Reviewer: Peter van de Ven How does matter give rise to the mind? This is probably one of the most fundamental questions in philosophy and one of the earliest questions of mankind. As early as a few centuries BC, Plato and Aristotle in the West and the… Continue Reading Understanding the human mind without a human mind : The AI neuroscientist | Romy Lorenz | TEDxNTUA

Rana El Kaliouby: When you or I look at this creature we know it’s a dog. But when a computer sees him, all it sees is this… How do I get a computer to recognize that this photo, or this one, or that one, is a photo of a dog?… Continue Reading AI Explained: What Is A Neural Net?

(speaking in foreign language) – [Presenter] Teachers at this primary school in China– (speaking in foreign language) know exactly when someone isn’t paying attention. (speaking in foreign language) These headbands measure each student’s level of concentration. The information is then directly sent to the teacher’s computer and to parents. (upbeat… Continue Reading How China Is Using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms | WSJ

When I was a kid, I was the quintessential nerd. I think some of you were, too. (Laughter) And you, sir, who laughed the loudest, you probably still are. (Laughter) I grew up in a small town in the dusty plains of north Texas, the son of a sheriff who… Continue Reading Don’t fear superintelligent AI | Grady Booch

In your lifetime, you have probably stared down any number of ability tests and course exams and PSATs, SATs, ACTs, GREs, GCSEs, whatever you got in your country. Humans, it seems, really get a thrill out of measuring, ranking, and comparing each other’s intelligence. Unfortunately, as you saw last week,… Continue Reading Brains vs. Bias: Crash Course Psychology #24