For us is very exciting to see how things make our life easier in the workshop or how we can work on the exactness of our products The idea is to have a lean and simple object that allows us to solve the problems of some manufacturing phases of our… Continue Reading Goliath CNC – Portable and autonomous robotic machine tool

Welcome in this video we will look at the Patcher of FL Studio 20. My name is Mattias and let’s take the tour! [EDM Layered Synth patch created with Patcher] yeah so that’s a little preset that I put together here in the patcher of FL Studio. Okay, so what… Continue Reading How to use FL Studio Patcher Tutorial

Hi, today I am going to show you how to classify credit default using Classification Learner App. First, we are going to import data into the MATLAB workspace. It’s a sample credit card data. In this dataset, we have customer id, credit limit, gender, educational level, age, number of delayed… Continue Reading Machine Learning for Risk Management: Classifying Credit Card Default

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Hello Let me just let people know we are live stream. Oh We got a post on Twitter, too You just put this on Twitter Happy YouTube live. This is happy you could live. I’m gonna be happy to that Hello I Don’t want to distract these guys too much… Continue Reading comma ai | George Hotz | openpilot 0.6 is launched, happy livestream! |

BETH EBERSOLE: Did you know that SAS Model Studio can help you easily interpret machine learning models? I’m going to show you how. There’s a trade-off between interpretability and accuracy of models. We talk about sometimes white box or translucent/transparent models versus black box or opaque models. Black box or… Continue Reading Interpreting Machine Learning Models in SAS Model Studio

My take on life is that life is definitely there for the taking. What you put in is what you’ll get out. Two things important to me in life are family and music. They both play a huge part in my life. Technology allows me to be my own one-man… Continue Reading Seeing AI: Making the visual world more accessible

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