– [Manu] Hello, and welcome to this video series on the Power BI Adoption Framework, which is about empowering every decision maker. I’m Manu. – [Paul] And I’m Paul. – [Manu] In this video, we’ll talk about user identity in Power BI. The first thing to note is that Power… Continue Reading Power BI Security: user identity | Power BI Adoption Framework

Hello there! Welcome to this lecture In this lecture I am going to take you through different kinds of machine learning algorithms So. let’s begin! At a very high level machine learning algorithms can be spearated or grouped in three separate categories First one is Supervised. then Unsupervised and the… Continue Reading Machine Learning Techniques

In the next video we will show how some students integrate the artificial intelligence of google home assistant in home automation using Raspberry Pi. All of that in Gijón Smart City Demo Lab. The initial idea came from the quest that how we can make our every day life easy… Continue Reading Home Automation Using Voice Control

Project OpaNoid aims to develop a humanoid platform that can be 3d printed at an accessible cost, but can be extended to meet different requirements be it in research, education, art etc. A key emphasis of the design is versatility and expandability. With the rail system designed for Project OpaNoid,… Continue Reading Project OpaNoid, a humanoid robot platform by Solverhub

So one of the myths about ALS is that once a person is diagnosed with it, nothing can be done. The reality is that much can be done even for diseases that we can’t cure. There are medicines to slow down the course of the disease, there are ways to… Continue Reading Medical Myth – ALS Treatment – 3 Penn State Neuroscience Institute

Biofuels offer the country the prospect of long-term sustainability so that we could have a supply of biofuels long after our fossil fuels become more difficult to get, more expensive. The Ag robot is a small-track robot. It can walk through an agricultural field measuring each plant as it goes… Continue Reading Crop Phenotyping Robot

LYDIC: Robots have often been romanticized in TV and film, but exactly how close are we to this? CEO of RealDoll, Matt McMullen, believes we’re pretty damn close. Oh, my God. Turns out the sex industry is where some of the most cutting-edge robot and artificial intelligence technology is being… Continue Reading Will We Be Sleeping With Robots by 2025? | The Daily Show

Hi and welcome to the tutorial TextPad-Widget Part 1. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use a text editor with the “TextPad” widget. The objective here is to open, edit and save files via the HMI application. This makes it possible to do things like create and edit… Continue Reading TextPad-Widget Part 1 – Opening, editing and saving files

Dear friends welcome to another video tutorial! In this video, we are going to take a first look at the OpenMV camera module, a board that wants to become the Arduino of Machine Vision. Let’s get started! Hello, guys, I am Nick and welcome to educ8s.tv a channel that is… Continue Reading OpenMV Review – Machine Vision Camera Module