PPI Technologies Group is a packaging machinery company. This is a premade pouch fill seal machine. We partnered with Cognex and Teknical Group to come up with a solution for us to provide a vision system on our equipment based on the challenges we were seeing with print and OCR… Continue Reading Deep Learning OCR with PPI Technologies Group & Teknical

This demo illustrates the use of RPA tasks bots for automating accounts payable processes end-to-end. Since reading invoices, extracting its data and converting it into a structured form is the most challenging part of such automation, we will review it first. We start with IQ Bot training, which is based… Continue Reading Automate the End to End AP Process with Automation Anywhere IQ Bot

PATRICK WINSTON: So where are we? We started off with simple methods for learning stuff. Then, we talked a little about a purchase of learning that we’re vaguely inspired by. The fact that our heads are stuffed with neurons, and that we seemed to have evolved from primates. Then, we… Continue Reading 16. Learning: Support Vector Machines

Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics Live! Coming up we’re joined by Julia White for a look at Microsoft’s approach to AI. And we’re gonna also make it real by taking a look at some of the practical applications before breaking down how you can leverage AI for your own… Continue Reading AI and the top 3 ways to adopt it in your Apps using Azure | Ignite 18