Hello Friends! Chai pe Loo… (INDIAN MEME) This is not my ******* script! Are you sad in life? Are you lonely and have no friends to talk to and your inbox is always empty? Are you bored playing those stupid mobile phone games? Do you need a friend to play… Continue Reading A Robot that even God Can’t Defeat – Rock Paper Scissor Playing Robot

How to Make Walking Robot with a Coca Cola Box Hi all, we made a great robot this week. In fact, Merve made a robot. So Merve can tell you the details. This week we made a very sweet robot with a box of coca cola. I used a battery,… Continue Reading How to Make Walking Robot with a Coca Cola Box(Eng Sub)

hey everybody it’s John here John’s DIY playground. Today I wanna take you down the rabbit’s hole of home automation from the DIY side of things. There’s a lot of different solutions out there and I’ve looked at a couple of them when I had looked at in the past… Continue Reading DIY Home Automation System introduction

(bell dings) – Hello, welcome to session three of The Nature of Code: Intelligence and Learning. So this is one of my opening videos for these sessions. If you are watching this video as part of that playlist for the Intelligence and Learning course, you will see a lot of… Continue Reading 3.1: Introduction to Session 3 – What is Machine Learning?

(ocean waves) (pop music) – Forests help ensure clean air, fresh water and sustain life for more than half the world’s species. But many forests are threatened by climate change, loss of biodiversity, land degradation, and fires. The AI for Earth team at Microsoft uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to… Continue Reading Introducing Minecraft Hour of Code: AI for Good

Let’s play guess the fake. Go! Um, that one. They’re both real, they’re balls. What?? Hello World, it’s Siraj! In this episode, we’re gonna talk about Generative Adversarial Networks. Deep Learning has done a lot for us, but it’s most incredible successes have involved discriminative models. Discriminative models are great… Continue Reading Generative Adversarial Nets – Fresh Machine Learning #2

I define intelligence as how good something is at accomplishing complex goals. So let’s unpack that a little bit. First of all, it’s a spectrum of abilities since there are many different goals you can have, so it makes no sense to quantify something’s intelligence by just one number like… Continue Reading Machines playing God: How A.I. will overcome humans | Max Tegmark

♪ (music) ♪ (clock ticking) Curious about machine learning but scared to get started? No idea how to install package managers or start creating and running your own environments? Well, this session’s for you! I’m going to tell you how to get down and dirty with machine learning in 60… Continue Reading Down & Dirty with Machine Learning in 60 seconds!