So, I’ll be speaking to you using language … because I can. This is one these magical abilities that we humans have. We can transmit really complicated thoughts to one another. So what I’m doing right now is, I’m making sounds with my mouth as I’m exhaling. I’m making tones… Continue Reading How language shapes the way we think | Lera Boroditsky

I love a great mystery, and I’m fascinated by the greatest unsolved mystery in science, perhaps because it’s personal. It’s about who we are, and I can’t help but be curious. The mystery is this: What is the relationship between your brain and your conscious experiences, such as your experience… Continue Reading Do we see reality as it is? | Donald Hoffman

Translator: Romy Carvalho Reviewer: Peter van de Ven How does matter give rise to the mind? This is probably one of the most fundamental questions in philosophy and one of the earliest questions of mankind. As early as a few centuries BC, Plato and Aristotle in the West and the… Continue Reading Understanding the human mind without a human mind : The AI neuroscientist | Romy Lorenz | TEDxNTUA

When I was a kid, I was the quintessential nerd. I think some of you were, too. (Laughter) And you, sir, who laughed the loudest, you probably still are. (Laughter) I grew up in a small town in the dusty plains of north Texas, the son of a sheriff who… Continue Reading Don’t fear superintelligent AI | Grady Booch

Just over a year ago, for the third time in my life, I ceased to exist. I was having a small operation, and my brain was filling with anesthetic. I remember a sense of detachment and falling apart and a coldness. And then I was back, drowsy and disoriented, but… Continue Reading Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth

Translator: Jessica Lee Reviewer: Denise RQ So how do we learn? And why does some of us learn things more easily than others? So, as I just mentioned, I’m Dr. Lara Boyd. I am a brain researcher here at the University of British Columbia. These are the questions that fascinate… Continue Reading After watching this, your brain will not be the same | Lara Boyd | TEDxVancouver

Translator: Linda Anderson Reviewer: Rebecca DeHovitz So, I have a Facebook friend whose life seems perfect. She lives in a gorgeous house. And she has a really rewarding career. And she and her family go on all these exciting adventures together on the weekends. And I swear that they must… Continue Reading The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong | Amy Morin | TEDxOcala

Hello, I am Olivier Georgeon with the Silex Group at the LIRIS department of the University of Lyon, and together with my colleagues, we present this free online course on developmental artificial intelligence. We hope to promote the developmental IA research agenda while spreading the current state of the art.… Continue Reading Developmental Artificial Intelligence MOOC Teaser