>>Hi everyone, I’m Liam Cavanagh. I’m a program manager with the Azure Search Team and for those of you that were expecting a lad today, I apologize, you’re not going to get his amazing accent. I will try to do my best, I’ll try bringing a little bit about my… Continue Reading Knowledge Mining: use AI to search on your data, regardless of format

(upbeat music)>>All right, are you guys ready to code and get some, (candy wrappers crinkle) get some candy recognition going with some artificial intelligence? It’s pretty amazing what artificial intelligence can do. I’ll show you guys how you can take control of AI. You don’t have to be scared of… Continue Reading How to train AI to recognize candy with Azure | Azure Developer Streams

>>Hey, friends. Did you know that Azure Search handles billions of search queries every month? Jacob is here to show us how you can add the AI-powered Cloud Search Service to your mobile and web apps without hiring search experts that know what an inverted index is. I’m going to… Continue Reading Cognitive Search – Azure Search with AI | Azure Friday

(energetic music) – Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics Live. Coming up we’re gonna take a demo rich tour of the merger of AI, machine learning, IOT and realtime analytics with Azure Databricks and Mixed Reality through the HoloLens. We’re gonna walk you through a real world application and then… Continue Reading HoloLens meets IoT, Databricks and AI | Ignite 18

Hi, my name is Allan Rocha. In this video i will show you how PMOtto will help your users to easily create news tasks and at the same time get better recommendations for their estimates using the PMOtto machine learning algorithms. So lets get started. First thing i need to… Continue Reading PMOtto.ai | Creating a new task and getting recommendations from PMOtto Machine Learning

Hello, everyone welcome to the second webinar of the LearnAI series my name is Rodrigo Souza I am a data scientist with the Microsoft research and AI team. We have a special guest today Liam do you want to introduce yourself? Yeah, thanks Rodrigo. Hi Everyone, My name is Liam… Continue Reading How to build AI applications with Cognitive Search (Part 1)

The Atlantic started in November of 1857. It’s one of the oldest continuously publishing magazines in the country. What The Atlantic has done over those years is really take a hard look at where we are in the world and have the tough conversations that need to be had. So… Continue Reading How the Atlantic is preserving published history with Azure AI

Seeing AI is a Microsoft research project for people with visual impairments. The app narrates the world around you by turning the visual world into an audible experience. Point your phone’s camera, select a channel, and hear a description. The app recognizes saved friends.>>Jenny near, top right, three feet away.… Continue Reading Seeing AI app from Microsoft

Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics Live! Coming up we’re joined by Julia White for a look at Microsoft’s approach to AI. And we’re gonna also make it real by taking a look at some of the practical applications before breaking down how you can leverage AI for your own… Continue Reading AI and the top 3 ways to adopt it in your Apps using Azure | Ignite 18

(enthusiastic techno music) – Hello and welcome back to Microsoft Mechanics Live. Today we’re gonna take a look at the infusion of AI and data visualization using Power BI, the latest in enterprise scale reporting including some things like AI generated automated insights. First time native integrations with cognitive services… Continue Reading Power BI updates: Fusing AI and data visualization | Ignite 18