So this is the framework that we’re going to be using through most of the discussions that we’ll be having at least on reinforcement learning. The single agent reinforcement learning, and it’s called the Markov Decision Process. This should sound familiar to you, Michael.>>Well, you did say we’re going to… Continue Reading Markov Decision Processes – Georgia Tech – Machine Learning

Machine learning is only as good as the training data you put into it. So, it’s super important to use high quality data, and lots of it. But if data is important, it’s worth asking where does training data come from? Often, computers are collecting training data from people like… Continue Reading AI: Training Data & Bias

AI and Machine Learning can affect every part of society. For instance self-driving cars use AI to recognize their surroundings, track objects, and make super important decisions like when to stop. Machine Learning is already being used in some really amazing things. It’s allowing us to be more energy efficient.… Continue Reading AI: Impact on Society

My name is Ale Flores, and I’m product manager at Alexa. My name is Dr. Chelsea Haupt. I work at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and I work on an AI-powered academic search engine. All around you, computers are making decisions, and those decisions affect your daily life. When… Continue Reading AI: What is Machine Learning?

Let’s consider how we make Uber’s ETA as good as they are today. A lot of that is machine learning, and the thing that powers machine learning at Uber is Michelangelo. I was studying computer vision at the University of Waterloo. I received a call from a close friend who… Continue Reading Science at Uber: Powering Machine Learning at Uber

CodeNerde was created by iNERDE to teach computer science in Mali to children in upper primary school and middle school It is also the first and only robotics bootcamp in Mali CodeNerde was first taught in the summer of 2016 at the Children’s City in Bamako 20 students, 10 to… Continue Reading Les Robots au Mali / African Robotics Bootcamp Ages 9-13

Best Fit Slop -machine learning Hello guys Welcome to the Tech Engineering This video is Machine Learning tutorial 06 Its all about the Best Fit Slope so in the previous tutorial we do the example on Scaling. Today we continue the regression part with Best Fit Slope Recall Regression For… Continue Reading Best Fit Slope – Machine Learning Tutorial with python