hello everyone welcome to an introduction on evolutionary algorithms before I go on to introduce myself I want to make it clear but I don’t expect you to have any pre-existing knowledge of the subject or any scientific background this introduction is intended for everyone especially those who are interested… Continue Reading Evolutionary Algorithms

Hello… World… that’s my Darth Vader impression. Best one you’ll see on the internet. The Galaxy is full of computers, and seemingly any Tom, Jane or Greedo can take a droid aside, pop open its head panel and – bleep bleep bloop! – program it up. But what is all… Continue Reading Programming Languages of Star Wars – a coder’s conspiracy about robot psychology

Let us look at the processes that Watson may be using a little bit more closely. Clearly Watson is doing a large number of things. It is trying to understand natural language sentences. It is trying to generate some natural language sentences. It is making some decisions. I’ll group all… Continue Reading What is Knowledge-Based AI? – Georgia Tech – KBAI: Part1

So why might we care to do this, Michael? So, there’s a bunch of reasons but really it boils down to two. One is really about human beings and the other is really about machines and machine learning algorithms. And the first one really boils down to what I’ll just… Continue Reading Feature Selection – Georgia Tech – Machine Learning

Alright. So, we’ve actually done pretty well. So through all of this, we finally figured out what decision trees actually are. We know what they represent. We know how expressive they are. We have an algorithm that let’s us build the decision trees in an effective way. We’ve done just… Continue Reading Decision Trees Continuous Attributes – Georgia Tech – Machine Learning