One of the key themes kind of in the subtext of the narratives of my work that I create is about democratizing artificial intelligence and kind of looking at the lack of AI governance and AI regulation. And the consequence and implications of that which is what my Perception iO… Continue Reading Why democratizing AI is absolutely crucial | Karen Palmer | Big Think

I’m going to be honest, I’m a doubter of the automation apocalypse theories. For one thing we don’t see it in the data, we actually have quite good productivity data, we know if we’re making more things with fewer or the same number of people and while it is true… Continue Reading Automation apocalypse: Too many robots? More like not enough. | Ezra Klein | Big Think

What if I told you that everything that you are listening to, and seeing right now was in part, designed using AI? That’s the topic of today’s show. I’m Sebastien Perez from The Digital Acid. And we’ve got another trippy episode for you today. So what are we talking about?… Continue Reading AI EXPOSES FAKES

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Hello… World… that’s my Darth Vader impression. Best one you’ll see on the internet. The Galaxy is full of computers, and seemingly any Tom, Jane or Greedo can take a droid aside, pop open its head panel and – bleep bleep bloop! – program it up. But what is all… Continue Reading Programming Languages of Star Wars – a coder’s conspiracy about robot psychology

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Today I will talk about being Ready for AI. Most executives know that artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to change almost everything about the way they do business and could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. But what many business leaders don’t know is… Continue Reading Being ready for AI

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