My seven love bill J. Yeah, she was agent one life she was It’s loneliness a big problem amongst your generation I mean you know they are because no one ever comes to visit. You know they they never seen that one you know and then They go down to… Continue Reading Can robots take care of the elderly?

Next Thursday… I have an emotion detector. That’s great, I’m happy for you. Hold on. (beep beep) You are, aren’t you sweet! It’s Sheldon’s dream machine. It could help me be a more considerate friend. Wouldn’t that be nice. It could also help me identify my enemies, discover their fears,… Continue Reading The Big Bang Theory 10×14 Promo “The Emotion Detection Automation” (HD)

Hi, I’m Abhishek, I’m Alex, and I’m Joe We’re building a super-resolution application to improve the quality of video on a user’s laptop or mobile. The idea is that a light-weight neural network will sit on your local device and improve the resolution of low quality, compressed video that is… Continue Reading AI Grant 2017 – Video Super Resolution

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Technology and Artificial Intellingence can have pretty unexpected impact on human lives. Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest ‘theoretical physicist to have lived in the 21st century once said: “Medicine is not able to cure me, so I rely on technology to help me communicate and move.” Born on January… Continue Reading Stephen Hawking on Artificial Intelligence: boon or curse? How technology helped him talk & move?

I wish I could see Beyond what I can see I wish I could touch Beyond what I can touch I wish I could feel Beyond what isn’t real I wish I could imagine Imagine Yeah There’s more to who we are There’s more than what we could be As… Continue Reading Break Free – Song Composed with AI | Taryn Southern (Official Music Video)