Why is AI important for life sciences? Let’s take a step back why AI is even important at this juncture in time? Three things have happened that there’s a confluence of those three things. One is we now are seeing lots and lots of data regardless of the industry across… Continue Reading The Importance of AI in life sciences

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– I think the biggest misconception within the autistic community is that it’s a monolith. That it’s a community in which there are no social skills, there are no communication skills. (uplifting piano music) This is unbelievably frustrating for somebody who has the potential and yet is not getting an… Continue Reading Can People with Autism Help Create Next-Generation AI?

I want to review briefly Some main points We went over last time We thinking of machine learning is learning a function And depending on what kind of function you learn we give a different name Give the input the type of output and then maybe we have a performance… Continue Reading CMU 10-601 Machine Learning Fall 2017 Lecture 3

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– Hi everybody. Adam Metallo with the Digitization Program Office, at the Smithsonian. It’s under the office of the Chief Information Officer there and we work with all the museums, archives, libraries, galleries to increase the quality and quantity of digitization across the organization. Specifically, my role is to increase… Continue Reading Collaboration and Impact

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– Okay, very excited to be here today to talk to you about work that I’ve been doing as a postdoc on the evolution of plant shapes using these models that we’ve been hearing a lot about this morning. So I think there was a good primer for the work… Continue Reading Deep Learning, Biogeography, and the Evolution of Plant Shapes