Hello everybody, My name is Denis, and here is the second part of our interesting journey of creating a trading system. In the previous video we defined our goals, and today we will prepare and label our dataset. Let’s start. Here I defined all my functions. First of all we… Continue Reading Deep Learning Trading Strategy from the beginning to the production. Part II.

Hi, This is a two-part video on spark machine learning in the first part, in this part we are going to talk about spark machine learning we are going to get an overview of why do we need spark?, what is spark machine learning? and how theoretically a machine learning… Continue Reading Machine Learning using Apache Spark – Overview (Spark ML)

AI Engineering AI Engineering AI Engineering AI Engineering AI Engineering AI Engineering AI Engineering Hi! In this video I will be covering the end-to-end machine learning cycle at one go. So, in my previous video you have been seeing my me covering the individual components of machine learning life cycles,… Continue Reading End to End Machine Learning Overview

TIM: Is the world of tomorrow, in an AI world, more centralized or more decentralized? NEIL: It’s probably going to wind up, at least economically, being more decentralized. I think we’re all gonna become gig folks in some capacity or another. I think as we know work today, it will… Continue Reading CXC Ecoverse eps. 7: Machines will teach us to be more human, Neil Sahota pt. 7

hi there welcome to machine learning for risk managers my goal is to teach you the basics of machine learning hopefully a little bit more than the basics things like clustering techniques from k-means algorithms to dendrograms and other tools linear models from the basic regression to logistic regression and… Continue Reading ML4RM: Introduction

I’m Marcin Abram. I’m a physicist and computer scientist. I work here as lead research scientist for Fetch.AI I created an example of agents who are detecting the availability of parking spots. I wanted to show an example of how an agent can provide value. In a city the congestion… Continue Reading How to Solve Car Parking with Artificial Intelligence | Use Case | Blockchain AI | Fetch.ai

The rise of AI has been largely driven by one tool in AI called machine learning. In this video, you’ll learn what is machine learning, so that by the end, you hope we will start thinking how machine learning might be applied to your company or to your industry. The… Continue Reading What is Machine Learning? | Andrew ng| tejascoursera| deepalearning.ai

It became very clear that if we were going to succeed in elevating data science at Novartis that it starts first and foremost with talent. So one of the things we’ve put a lot of effort into is to uniting this community of data scientists from the around the company.… Continue Reading AI for Life Residency Program

hello, welcome to cart for classification decision tree algorithm’s overview video actually, cart is acronym of classification and regression trees. it is different for classification and regression calculations today, we are going to mention the logic for classification. there is a new metric announced in cart algorithm named gini index… Continue Reading The Math Behind CART Decision Tree Algorithm

In this video I’ll discuss about the theory of basic time series analysis. So we will learn what are the different types of econometrics models In time series forecasting So, we will basically learn what AR, MA, ARMA, ARMA OK? sO,