Hello! In this video, we’ll provide some basics on supervised and unsupervised learning. An easy way to begin grasping the concept of supervised learning is by looking directly at the words that make it up. Supervise means to observe and direct the execution of (a task, project, or activity) Obviously,… Continue Reading Machine Learning – Supervised VS Unsupervised Learning

Machine learning is only as good as the training data you put into it. So, it’s super important to use high quality data, and lots of it. But if data is important, it’s worth asking where does training data come from? Often, computers are collecting training data from people like… Continue Reading AI: Training Data & Bias

Welcome to this demonstration of Intelligent Insurance Solutions, from Microsoft, seen from the point of view of an insurance agent. Microsoft is helping insurers redefine how they do business by empowering them to provide intelligent agent tools, deliver engaging policyholder experiences, and leverage AI to improve all interactions. Greg Winston… Continue Reading Empowering intelligent insurance for agents with Dynamics 365

– [Narrator] In this episode, we interview Puneet Mehta, founder and CEO of Netomi. They’re a machine intelligence company that uses AI to turn customer service into a competitive edges. Puneet spent much of his career as a tech entrepreneur, as well as on Wall Street building trading AI. His… Continue Reading Saving Customers & Agents Time with AI: Puneet Mehta at Netomi

And I would say it’s three, and three is kind of tricky because as we split the data over here we see a distinct different phenomena on the left set of the data from the right side of the data. In fact, once we split the data into the left… Continue Reading Constructing a Decision Tree First Split – Intro to Machine Learning

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Kim Keating. I’m vice president of data science at AT&T. I would describe machine learning to a six-year-old by giving him an example of a game. Take Pac-Man. All the ghosts are chasing you the entire time. Well, those ghosts– which are machine-learning bots– learn from your… Continue Reading Women in Tech feat. Kim Keating – Ep. 4 – Machine Learning

Welcome to Automation Anywhere Enterprise. Joshua manages the regional inventory for a chain of hardware stores and he receives regular reports listing parts sold in each store. Unfortunately these reports use a non-standard format and currently he must manually copy the part information into an Excel spreadsheet before the inventory… Continue Reading Automate Inventory Processing with Automation Anywhere Workbench

A recent years, the artificial intelligence industry in Vietnam Has witnessed many investments for research and applications From a large group of leading enterprises This group of businesses is expected to play an important role As they possess abundant data resources for the Artificial Intelligence community to exploit and produce… Continue Reading Solution for data problems to develop artificial intelligence

AI : what is the reality? Hello, I’m Mick Lévy Director of Business Innovation for Business & Decision Group. My role is to help our clients and our prospects go faster on innovations that are mature, in order to release ROI. I’m talking about a lot of innovations around the… Continue Reading AI: What is the reality?