IT requires three things data applications to manipulate and add value to this data and people to direct the applications and data everything else is infrastructure to suppose these three elements of generating business value the applications the data and the people are specific to each business situation

Welcome to the Morningstar series, “3 Stock Picks.” I’m Holly Black. With me is Ailsa Craig. She’s Manager of the International Biotechnology Trust. Hello. Hi, there. And today, you’re going to tell us about three stocks in the portfolio that you’re quite excited about. Where would you like to start?… Continue Reading 3 Biotech Stock Picks

Hi. I’m Matti Sarén. I’m working in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences as a Principal and as a CEO. Before I started in this position, I worked both in the private sector, and also in different listed companies. I was operating there with Aritificial Intelligence, creating data-intensive platforms, and executing… Continue Reading Kajaani University’s CEO Matti Sarén tells about Artificial Intelligence and Education (FIN/ENG SUB)

YUFENG GUO: One of the top things that I get asked about is AutoML. In this two-part video, let’s try using AutoML Vision to build and deploy a machine learning model that recognizes different types of chairs along with a few other items sprinkled in for good measure. We’re doing… Continue Reading AutoML Vision – Part 1 (AI Adventures)

Haleh I have a question for you, you’re an expert in AI right. When do you think there will be human level a eyes? Hi, Jade, so usually videos on my channel in French. How’s your French? Je ne parle pas français Okay Well Since you’re such a great science… Continue Reading Human-level AI by 2025? Intelligence artificielle 54 (ft. Up and Atom)

let’s say you want to predict some output value y given some input value x. For example maybe you want to predict your score on test based on how many hours you sleep and how many hours you study the night before. To use a machine learning approach we first… Continue Reading Neural Networks Demystified [Part 1: Data and Architecture]

Hello, and welcome to the Morningstar series, “Why Should I Invest With You?” I’m Emma Wall and I’m joined today by Simon Gergel, Manager of The Merchants Trust. Hello, Simon. Hi, Emma. So, first of all, I must congratulate you. You went to the AIC’s dividends hero list. Morningstar data… Continue Reading Oil and Banking Stocks Rally Will Continue

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Welcome to Episode #227 of CxOTalk. I’m Michael Krigsman. I’m an industry analyst and the host of CxOTalk. I want to thank LiveStream for supporting us with just really amazingly great video infrastructure and streaming. Today, we have … Oh! And I forgot to say that if you go to… Continue Reading #227 Stephen Wolfram & Anthony Scriffignano on Artificial Intelligence AI

Hey guys, as you could see the intro is different and the video will be different because I wanted to try something new and I hope that you will like it! For those who don’t know me, my name is Selim Chehimi And this is episode 7 of AI news… Continue Reading ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CAN PREDICT DEATH!