A few weeks ago I featured one of my favorite new free plugins – ADSR Sample Manager. then I asked you all, “what’s your favorite free plugin?” And I got some awesome suggestions! here are five absolutely free virtual instrument plugins. and if you don’t know what a virtual instrument… Continue Reading FREE Plugins for FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, and Logic Pro!

The Instrument Automation device works specifically with Plugins, so if you want to send changes to an instrument’s Sample or MIDI components then you should use either the Instrument Macros device or the Instrument MIDI Control device. Instead of working through MIDI, the Instrument Automation device sends parameter changes directly… Continue Reading Using Plugins – Instrument Automation

In this video we’ll take a look at how you can automate tempo changes in the Session View and the Arrangement View. In my current Live Set I have 4 scenes. When I trigger each of the scenes they will all play at the same tempo. But what I’d like… Continue Reading Learn Live 10: Automating Tempo Changes

This video continues from the previous one, Track Effects, and we’ll be using the song that was created and saved during that video. If you don’t have a copy of that song, you can download it from the Downloads section of the Renoise website or directly with the link in… Continue Reading Beginner’s Tutorial Part 4 – Automation

Hello this is Tim from Harrison Consoles. Today I am going to demonstrate for you the different automation modes that we have available to us in Mixbus. I am also going to give you some tips on adjusting the gain of your track before using automation, because sometimes they’re actually… Continue Reading Pro Tips – Automation in Mixbus (v2,3)

Hi I am Blaise from Synthmorph In this video I will show you how to make jump automation in Cubase. Probably you’ve already faced this problem: you’d like to make simple jump automation in Cubase to automate volume, setting the levels of different syllables of a vocal track or just… Continue Reading Cubase jump automation the easy way!