“Now we will wait another 8 months for Part fi-.” Nnnope, 5 months this time. HA! IN YO FACE! 5 months?! Nah man, you didn’t even upload another part for like a decad- SHUSH! No. I don’t need to hear that goddamn joke anymore, thank you. Hello guys this is… Continue Reading The Sims Comments Logic (PART 5)

Oh God, I just started a fire! Quick! Let’s scream right next to it unstoppably until the firefighter shows up! Wait what? The house doesn’t have any chairs nor dining tables? Well then toilet it is! OH NO LOOK OUT OLD LADY A CAR!! Uhh nevermind So your dad’s soul… Continue Reading The Sims Logic (Ep.1): Sims 3

ROBOT: This is a story of automationand of the people lost in the process.♪ (TENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪MAN 1: There was this accident.A robot killed a man. MAN 2:It just didn’t stop.It was the very first death in a driverless car.MAN 3:Any kind of work that is fundamentally routineand repetitive… Continue Reading The Truth About Killer Robots (2018) | Official Trailer | HBO

President Donald Trump has not ruled out invoking the death penalty for the people who spied on his campaign in 2016. Speaking to reporters on Friday he directly accused FBI directors James Comey and Andrew McCabe and agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page of treason. “Sir, the constitution says treason… Continue Reading Trump Will Not Rule Out Death Penalty ForComey, McCabe For Treason

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Translator: Robert Tucker Reviewer: Capa Girl The murder happened a little over 21 years ago on January 18th 1991. In a small bedroom community of Lynwood, California, just a few miles southeast of Los Angeles. Father came out of his house to tell his teenage son and his five friends… Continue Reading Forensic neuroscience can mean life or death: Dr. Scott Fraser at TEDxUSC

As elements on the periodic table go, lead is pretty handy. It’s not exactly oxygen or nitrogen but it has some admirable qualities. Like it’s heavy, but soft and malleable. In the form of lead dioxide it’s highly conductive which makes it useful in batteries and it’s so incredibly dense… Continue Reading Lead: The Original Artificial Sweetener

In April 2014 theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking along with other leading physicists published an open letter to humanity, on the existential risk the development of Artificial Intelligence poses to our species. In plain black and white, Hawking warned, “success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history…… Continue Reading Will Artificial Intelligence Make Us Extinct?