This year I figured we could do something a little bit different and instead of me telling you how great this class is I figured we could invite someone else from outside the class to do that instead. So let’s check this out first. Hi everybody and welcome MIT 6.S191,… Continue Reading Barack Obama: Intro to Deep Learning | MIT 6.S191

– If I asked you to have a guacamole party with me, would you do it? If she would say yes, then the bot would smile and playfully say okay do women love anything more than avocados? (suspenseful music) Oftentimes when there were dull evenings, I would try to find… Continue Reading How HACKERS Are Using AI & Facial Recognition on Tinder | Mashable Originals

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– The following is a conversation with Vladimir Vapnik, part two, the second time we spoke on the podcast. He’s the co inventor of support vector machines, support vector clustering, VC theory and many foundational ideas in statistical learning. He was born in the Soviet Union, worked at the Institute… Continue Reading Vladimir Vapnik: Predicates, Invariants, and the Essence of Intelligence | AI Podcast

If you want a high-quality deep learning library with plenty of great extensions and the support of a large community, then you should take a look at Torch. Torch offers GPU support, the option to set up a deep net by configuring its hyper-parameters, and many other useful features. Let’s… Continue Reading Torch – Ep. 19 (Deep Learning SIMPLIFIED)

Upscaling pictures does terrifying things to faces. So here are 50 or so examples, all starting out beautifully before being reduced to a horrible digital mess. As an example, here is Thanos, pixelated. And here is the same image, run through the AI upscaler. And here they are, half and… Continue Reading 50 Cursed Faces with AI

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