– I was a mid 30s, female, single mom, didn’t look like the prototype of the tech entrepreneur by any stretch of the imagination, yet I was super passionate about the field. If I had listened or looked at the world of tech entrepreneurship and made my determination that way,… Continue Reading This Tech Startup Uses AI to Eliminate All Hiring Biases | Fast Company

JENNY SABIN: It’s not just about producing and designing a beautiful, interactive form, but to think about that as a live experiment. [MUSIC PLAYING] So Ada features two surfaces– an inner surface that’s soft, which is what you’ll inhabit when you’re on the inside, and then an outer surface that… Continue Reading Cornell’s Jenny Sabin turns AI into art

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When I was a kid, I was the quintessential nerd. I think some of you were, too. (Laughter) And you, sir, who laughed the loudest, you probably still are. (Laughter) I grew up in a small town in the dusty plains of north Texas, the son of a sheriff who… Continue Reading Don’t fear superintelligent AI | Grady Booch

. Test. This SA — is a caption test. Please standby for realtime captions. testing a caption test. Test. Test is caption. Please standby for realtime captions. test. see connection going false . connector two now. Test. This is now Good Test. Test. Okay. Now it’s a. logged into my… Continue Reading Google I/O’17: Channel 2

olá eu sou a Eleny Inoue da Nature Flores e hoje eu vou ensinar como vocês fazem jardim vertical foi utilizado por uma parede que você quer fazer uma decoração embaixo de uma escada um rol primeiro preparativo você tem que fazer seria ou você o ideal seria você pegar… Continue Reading COMO FAZER um JARDIM VERTICAL ARTIFICIAL (PERMANENTE). SUPER PRÁTICO! | ELENY INOUE – NATURE FLORES

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about Blockchain and the cryptocurrency revolution. But, before that, here’s a bit more info about me. My name is Tony; I’m a designer from Quebec city. Right now I live in Silicon Valley. I work in a startup called Osmo. We make educational… Continue Reading Blockchain & The Crypto Revolution – Tony Aube at WAQ18

– My name is Africa Flores. I’m a Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I’m originally from Guatemala, but I’m also a NatGeo Explorer. With NatGeo and Microsoft, we are working on a project in Lake Atitlan. Lake Atitlan is a hot spot of cultural heritage and… Continue Reading How AI Can Save a Guatamalan Lake From Destructive Algae | Fast Company

Ever since computers were invented, we’ve been trying to make them smarter and more powerful. From the abacus, to room-sized machines, to desktops, to computers in our pockets. And are now designing artificial intelligence to automate tasks that would require human intelligence. If you look at the history of computing,… Continue Reading How AI could become an extension of your mind | Arnav Kapur

[strings playing “all along the watchtower”] Male announcer: ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Today it is my distinct pleasure To introduce a man who is recognized– The battle over evolution is only one skirmish In a much larger war. Science simply makes no use of the hypothesis of God. Ask yourself,… Continue Reading Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (full movie)