I thank the gentleman first of all I want to thank you both for your testimony I want to thank you for your long years of service to the country you’re not Democratic witnesses or Republican witnesses you’re nonpartisan witnesses and you have stuck to the facts and that is… Continue Reading WATCH: Rep. Adam Schiff’s full closing statement in Hill and Holmes hearing

BREAKING: Trump Just Called Out Entire US Intelligence On Something SICK!! By Danny Gold. It�s kinda amazing, isn�t it? The CIA and FBI apparently have all this info proving Russia made Donald Trump win the election, and yet the only people they will show it to is the Washington Post.… Continue Reading BREAKING Trump Just Called Out Entire US Intelligence On Something SICK!!

 CNN’s Chris Cuomo fact-checked a Republican congressman on live TV for pushing a debunked conspiracy theory spread by Donald Trump  Representative Randy Weber was called out for suggesting CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm that features in Mr Trump’s claims about Ukraine, was partially owned by a Ukrainian  Mr Cuomo informed the… Continue Reading CNN host calls out Republican over debunked Trump Ukraine conspiracy theory on live TV

We have some breaking news. The White House has announced on Twitter that Vladimir Putin is coming to the White House in the fall. Say that again… [laughter] Vladamir Putin, coming to… Did I hear you? Okay. That’s going to be special.