It’s always exciting that you’re going to work on a mission that is going to make the footnote of history. I’m Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu and I work on robotic arms for planetary exploration. This is a mock-up of the InSight lander. It’s a one-to-one scale of the actual spacecraft. InSight is… Continue Reading Inside InSight – Ghanaian Engineer Works on Robotic Arms for Mars

In this video we try to create some man-made volcano earthquakes by doing a simple science experiment. In this experiment, we’ll drop sacks of sand from a helicopter and measure the impacts on a set of seismometers. We want to know how fast the seismic waves travel in the earth… Continue Reading Making Artificial Earthquakes on an Active Volcano

Companies are now using machine learning and artificial intelligence to advise fire departments about how to plan for earthquakes and respond to them. California-based company, One Concern, uses its algorithms to take a lot of the guesswork out of the planning process for disaster response by making accurate predictions about… Continue Reading Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Natural Disasters? | The Threat Report News