I’m going to be honest, I’m a doubter of the automation apocalypse theories. For one thing we don’t see it in the data, we actually have quite good productivity data, we know if we’re making more things with fewer or the same number of people and while it is true… Continue Reading Automation apocalypse: Too many robots? More like not enough. | Ezra Klein | Big Think

The Real Story of Automation Beginning with One Simple Chart Robots are hiding in plain sight. It’s time we stop ignoring them. There’s a chart I came across in 2017, and not only does it tell an extremely important story about automation, but it also tells a story about the… Continue Reading The Real Story of Automation

– Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, fear of automation has been on the rise. In the early-1800s, textile workers in England got spooked by the rise of weeding machines and sparked a rebellion so intense that the military had to be called in to put it down. When… Continue Reading Will Robots Take Our Jobs? | Freethink Wrong

Translator: Carol Wang Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I want you to think back to your favorite scene from a movie or a novel. What makes that so great? from the first prehistoric man to paint on a cave to Andy Warhol, What defines the geniuses among us are those… Continue Reading Will human creativity survive automation & AI? | Viputheshwar Sitaraman | TEDxBend

I think economics has something to contribute in terms of our understanding of artificial intelligence because it gives us a different view. So, for example, if you ask a technologist to tell you about the rise of semiconductors they will talk to you about the increasing number of transistors on… Continue Reading A.I. economics: How cheaper predictions will change the world | Ajay Agrawal

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Thu-Huong Ha I’m going to talk about the strategizing brain. We’re going to use an unusual combination of tools from game theory and neuroscience to understand how people interact socially when value is on the line. So game theory is a branch of, originally, applied mathematics,… Continue Reading When you’re making a deal, what’s going on in your brain? | Colin Camerer

So I have a question on the technical disruption side. I live in San Francisco, arguably the center of a lot of the disruption. And technocrats in San Francisco, for the past year or two, have really gotten into this idea of guaranteed basic income, or mincome, as a possible… Continue Reading Mark Blyth on Basic Income, Tax Havens, Automation and *Why Should We Work?*

Hi, everyone, I’m Giovanni, welcome to our show. Today, we are going to talk about artificial intelligence, blockchain and how these technologies can determine humanity’s future. I am thrilled to announce our guests. Prominent YouTuber and trader Nicholas Mertens aka DataDash and Dr. Ben Goertzel, AI scientist and CEO at… Continue Reading Crypto Meets AI: Data Dash & Ben Goertzel

Some people are gravely worried about the uncertainty and the negative potential associated with transhuman, superhuman AGI. And indeed we are stepping into a great unknown realm. It’s almost like a Rorschach type of thing really. I mean we fundamentally don’t know what a superhuman AI is going to do… Continue Reading Will Superhuman Intelligence Be Our Friend or Foe? | Ben Goertzel

— In Congress today, a House subcommittee approved draft legislation that would allow manufacturers to put up to 100,000 driverless vehicles per year on the road. It’s a step towards robots replacing us behind the wheel— and phasing out taxi and truck drivers. That’s a ways off, but there’s one… Continue Reading This Bricklaying Robot Can Build Walls Faster Than Humans (HBO)