the number of elderly people around the world is expected to double by the year 2050 so to keep them company and look after them artificial intelligence is helping to Train social robots ears are also young with part two of our special series on AI if you can’t remember… Continue Reading AI training robots to find lost keys, look after the elderly

I have very strong feelings about a future in which robots become the kind of conversational agent that pretend to have emotional lives. Shortly after I finished we can make reclaiming conversation I was interviewed for an article in the New York Times about Hello Barbie. So Hello Barbie comes… Continue Reading A.I. Can Pretend to Love Us, but is that Dangerous for Children? With Sherry Turkle

When they asked me 2 years, 2 years and a half ago, something like that. There was a lady who came and who told me, there is BUDDY I am going to show you. I still have the prospectus at that time. And what do you think? Oh, I said… Continue Reading BUDDY, the Emotional Robot for elderly – Senior Interview for ACCRA Research Project in France

My seven love bill J. Yeah, she was agent one life she was It’s loneliness a big problem amongst your generation I mean you know they are because no one ever comes to visit. You know they they never seen that one you know and then They go down to… Continue Reading Can robots take care of the elderly?

Welcome to the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre also known as Tokyo big sight The glass and titanium panel convention center on Tokyo Bay will be a main venue for the 2020 summer Olympics but today, it’s been taken over by robots Robots, robots, robots… There is flying robots walking robots… Continue Reading Japanese Robot Invasion ★ ONLY in JAPAN

I’m James Young and I’m 27 years old. Five years ago, I was hit by a train, and as a result, I’ve been transforming. I’m becoming more robotic, and the line between human and machine is blurring. I want to discover if we can connect with robots more deeply, both… Continue Reading Can Robots Love Us?