This is an emotion sensing area. First they’re using a facial recognition system that’s going to track my mood. They’ve got a thermal-imaging camera here that’s going to track temperature, and those work together with this. This is a seat that has pressure sensors in it. So I can sit… Continue Reading Emotion Sensing Meets AI | #PanasonicCES 2019

our feelings are often hard to describe or quantify as they’re a subjective state of being but with artificial intelligence continue to evolve in an ever rapid pace scientists are working on state-of-the-art treatments that can improve our emotional well-being using these machine learning deep learning artificial intelligence our Oh… Continue Reading AI growing in emotional intelligence, helping diagnose mental disorders…

Since the go game between human and Alpha Go, dramatic increase of interest in the AI technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution made people afraid of the large scale of unemployment. A silver riding back then was the belief that AI does not have emotion so it cannot work on… Continue Reading Will AI be a human? (feat. selfish gene)

This is Neo Mohsenvand. He’s a scientist who constantly records his life. It sums up to 18 hundred hours of video. But it’s not just video, he’s also recording his feelings – using these devices, which he wears every day. He calls it Mnemo and he thinks it will one… Continue Reading Wearable technology that records memories

in today’s video I’m going to explain to you Victor Wooten’s concept of the ten elements of music I’m also going to show you why this concept is a never-ending source of ideas when it comes to improvising composing and arranging bass hack coming up hey Basshackers Mischa here with… Continue Reading What I Learnt From Victor Wooten – MMEducation (Bass & Neuroscience)

When they asked me 2 years, 2 years and a half ago, something like that. There was a lady who came and who told me, there is BUDDY I am going to show you. I still have the prospectus at that time. And what do you think? Oh, I said… Continue Reading BUDDY, the Emotional Robot for elderly – Senior Interview for ACCRA Research Project in France

I’m Dr. David Hanson, and I build robots with character. And by that, I mean that I develop robots that are characters, but also robots that will eventually come to empathize with you. So we’re starting with a variety of technologies that have converged into these conversational character robots that… Continue Reading David Hanson: Robots that “show emotion”

when we hear the word ’emotion’, most of us think of love, hate, happiness or fear those strong feelings we experience throughout life our emotions are the driving force behind many of our behaviours: helpful, and unhelpful just where do our emotions come from? our brain is wired to look… Continue Reading Emotions and the Brain