When I was a kid, I was the quintessential nerd. I think some of you were, too. (Laughter) And you, sir, who laughed the loudest, you probably still are. (Laughter) I grew up in a small town in the dusty plains of north Texas, the son of a sheriff who… Continue Reading Don’t fear superintelligent AI | Grady Booch

Translator: Rachael Williams Reviewer: Denise RQ (video) You deserve to feel strong, confident, ready for anything, and now you can with Humaniti. Humaniti is not for everyone so ask your doctor if it’s right for you. Humaniti can cause heart disease, cancer, bronchitis, and stroke. Other side effects include Alzheimer’s… Continue Reading Illness Intelligence: Don’t Say This to Someone Who Is Sick | Kelly Medwick | TEDxLincoln