Machine learning hasn’t really delivered in terms of incredible success in finance as much as it did in image recognition, video compression, speech recognition. Because there were, like, stumbling blocks and so the vision is very much helping that direction to remove those stumbling blocks, and having a chance for… Continue Reading Hurdles for Machine Learning in Finance (w/ Dr. Dario Villani) | Discoveries | Real Vision™

Some people are gravely worried about the uncertainty and the negative potential associated with transhuman, superhuman AGI. And indeed we are stepping into a great unknown realm. It’s almost like a Rorschach type of thing really. I mean we fundamentally don’t know what a superhuman AI is going to do… Continue Reading Will Superhuman Intelligence Be Our Friend or Foe? | Ben Goertzel

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In terms of computational power, the human brain far surpasses any animal in the animal kingdom. It’s what makes us special, but we still don’t understand how it arises, and so that’s what me and my lab were trying to figure out. The thing that makes our brains so special… Continue Reading How mini-brains could revolutionise neuroscience | Masters of Science

SCOTT DAVIS: My name is Scott Davis. I run a company called Melius Research, which is a boutique research investment house that was founded about 18 months ago, a bunch of ex-Morgan Stanley and Barclays senior folks. And we focus on industrials and data analytics. We focus on industrials research.… Continue Reading Automation, Robotics & The Macro Case for Industrials (w/ Scott Davis)

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Mac Greer: Let’s begin with the big deal of the day, financial technology provider Fiserv is buying payment processor First Data in a $22 billion all-stock deal. Jason, that $22 billion number represents a nearly 30% premium over where First Data closed on Tuesday. First Data up big today. Jason… Continue Reading Why Fiserv Bought First Data for $22B in Stock

“How do we legislate for AI in algorithmic trading.” So I think its important for people to understand that a large amount of trading that happens, instuitutional trading, for large banks, hedgefunds and fund managers are effectively what we would call quants, or very smart, algorithmic people that are writing… Continue Reading Stocks & Shares | AI infiltrates the finance sector