Researchers at Vanderbilt University developed an app that analyzes shockwaves from bullets to determine the location of snipers. And a belgian designer has created smart, polymer furniture that’s self-assembling, and grows like popcorn. Vsauce! Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. SOINN is an artificial brain that can now use the… Continue Reading Artificial Brain Uses Internet? — Mind Blow #63

The three Problems of Robotics (by Burakov). 1. The technology of walking. 2. Artificial intelligence. 3. Autonomous power source. There are three main problems on the way to likening humanoid robots to people or for the full-fledged work of androids for people today. Humanity will reach either general welfare, when… Continue Reading The Three Problems of Robotics

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“It was, I saw him and I was like, is that something that cleans the floor? Or no. And I saw the google eyes and thought ‘that’s pretty nifty.’” “Many times people are ambivalent to him and just walk right by. And then there’s a large majority of people that… Continue Reading Marty the robot rolls through the Giant Food Store

Vincent Shen: Welcome to Industry Focus, the podcast that dives into a different sector of the stock market every day. I’m your host, Vincent Shen. Joining me today via Skype is senior Motley Fool contributor, Asit Sharma. Hey, Asit! Thanks for hopping on! Asit Sharma: Thanks so much, Vince! Happy to be… Continue Reading iRobot Could Become a Giant in the Smart Home Market

Self-driving cars: Should you invest in these stocks? // Stock market investing strategies tips 101, Driverless automobiles, self-driving automobiles, driverless automobiles, stocks to buy now, stock market trading strategies, stocks to buy today, stock trading for beginners, stocks for dummies, stocks for beginners, stock market for dummies, stock investing basics,… Continue Reading Self-driving cars: Should you invest in these stocks? // Stock market investing strategies tips 101

U.S. intelligence leaker and international fugitive Edward Snowden,. who is desperately seeking a country that will grant him political asylum,. has slammed Washington for pressuring countries not to accept his request. This comes amid reports the 30-year-old is seeking political asylum in Russia, where he is currently holed up in… Continue Reading U.S. intelligence leaker Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Russia 스노든 러시아 망명신청 및 오바마 NSA 활동 변호

[ Ethereal tune plays ] -Open the pod bay doors, HAL.-I’m sorry, Dave.I’m afraid I can’t do that.-If you had to pick our favorite fictional story about robots, the one where they wipe out humans keeps on delivering at the box office. [ Gunshot ] -Oh!-“The Terminator.”-Human beings are a… Continue Reading Are Robots Really Taking Over? | Retro Report on PBS

I am Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, and this is Two Minute Papers, where I explain awesome research in simpler words. First of all, I am very happy to see that you like the series. Also, thanks for sharing it on social media sites, and please, keep ’em coming. This episode is going… Continue Reading Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning | Two Minute Papers #3