Hong Kong, China Say hello to Han… …and he might just say hello back. That’s because Han is an advanced humanoid robot… …capable of holding conversations with people… …and reacting with 40 motors that control his facial expressions. “”So Han’s really exciting because not only can he generate very realistic… Continue Reading Humanoid Robot Head Thinks And Talks Independently

Look in the news right now and all you’ll hear about is AI AI is basically the ability of a computer programmer or machine to think and learn for itself there are three types of AI artificial narrow intelligence artificial general intelligence and the best of all and most powerful… Continue Reading This Is The Creepiest AI Robot

Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Camille Martínez Many of us here use technology in our day-to-day. And some of us rely on technology to do our jobs. For a while, I thought of machines and the technologies that drive them as perfect tools that could make my work more efficient and… Continue Reading Why I draw with robots | Sougwen Chung

One of the key themes kind of in the subtext of the narratives of my work that I create is about democratizing artificial intelligence and kind of looking at the lack of AI governance and AI regulation. And the consequence and implications of that which is what my Perception iO… Continue Reading Why democratizing AI is absolutely crucial | Karen Palmer | Big Think

This is the Spot robot made by Boston Dynamics. We’re actually using the robot to take 360 pictures on-site. So you have two cameras in the front, two in the back, one on each side. You also have proximity sensors. We’re using it to take a picture and upload it… Continue Reading Spot the robot dog being used on construction sites

( intro music ) ( applause ) Robert: I’m going to start off with a bold and probably unsubstantiated claim which is that robotics is the next internet. What I mean by that is it’s the next big thing to impact our lives whether it’s biomedical applications, whether it’s automating… Continue Reading Robert Wood: Robotic Insects | Nat Geo Live

– Robots are used in many industries around the world, but there’s only so much they can do. – At Element AI, we’re building smarter robots. – That means designing robotic intelligence that is autonomous and interactive. – Our lab is using the latest AI research to solve real world… Continue Reading Introducing the Element AI Robotics Lab

>>Vijay Kumar: So unmanned aerial vehicles. We’ve been working on this for about 15 years now, and I want to show you this picture which illustrates the number of unmanned aerial vehicles and how it’s grown over the years. This is a picture in 2010, and the smaller vehicles that… Continue Reading Swarms of Aerial Robots – AMNH SciCafe

We live in a complex and ever-changing world. Where threats against our national security are increasingly diverse . . . … and NGA’s ability to provide timely, relevant and accurate GEOINT is more critical than ever. As we push forward into the 21st Century, we continue to meet this demand… Continue Reading NGA Future State Vision: 2018

Well, by 2020 we’ll have computers that are powerful enough to simulate the human brain, but we won’t be finish yet with reverse engineering the human brain and understanding its methods. One of my main themes, and I’ve developed this thesis over 30 years, is that information technology grows exponentially;… Continue Reading Ray Kurzweil: The Coming Singularity