So now let’s put everything together. Let’s write a main program that takes these 2 functions, update and predict, and feeds into a sequence of measurements and motions. In the example I’ve chosen here are the measurements of 5., 6., 7., 9., and 10. The motions are 1., 1., 2.,… Continue Reading Kalman Filter Code – Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

We’re gonna analyze Alphabet (let’s just call it Google for this video) as an investment, and we’re gonna do it all in 90 seconds… You wanna keep up with stocks but you don’t have time to read a lengthy report on every company that interests you. You’re busy. I get… Continue Reading Google: 90-second Investment Analysis

The answer is 7. As you can see, the shortest path will lead along here. Then it becomes ambiguous. We could either go right or up. Let’s say we randomly go up and hit the goal– so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 steps to the goal.

BEN GOERTZEL: Yesterday we took a bunch of data regarding the extraction of genes in mice that underwent calorie restriction diets, threw it into the AI system to see, well which genes are most important for the calorie restriction process? Which genes are related to each other and in which… Continue Reading Artificial General Intelligence: Now Is the Time

What’s up guys! Today we are going to talk about AI that build AI. My name is Selim Chehimi And this is episode 8 of AI news. If you think that AI can’t replace computer programmers in the future, you are wrong! This is the dream of researchers: building a… Continue Reading Google’s AI creates AI – Artificial Intelligence

YUFENG GUO: One of the top things that I get asked about is AutoML. In this two-part video, let’s try using AutoML Vision to build and deploy a machine learning model that recognizes different types of chairs along with a few other items sprinkled in for good measure. We’re doing… Continue Reading AutoML Vision – Part 1 (AI Adventures)

For fans of artificial intelligence, the past few weeks have been very exciting. Last October, for the first time ever, an AI built by Google, known as AlphaGo, beat a professional human player at the incredibly complex board game Go. And then, in this last week, it went on to… Continue Reading AI vs. Human: The Greatest Go Tournament Ever

>>A Google phone number is like a regular phone number, except it’s not tied to a phone or a location; it’s tied to you. When somebody calls you, they just call your Google number, and they don’t have to decide to call you at home, work, or on your cell.… Continue Reading Google Voice

[wind chimes clinking] [mellow music] Nathaniel: Good morning, Steve Steve: Hey, Nathaniel. How are you? Nathaniel: Doing just great. Go ahead, Steve. [electronic beeping] [electronic voice] Auto driving. Nathaniel: Here we go. Steve: Away we go. [chuckles] Steve: Look, Ma, no hands. Nathaniel: [laughs] No hands anywhere. Steve: No hands,… Continue Reading Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan

I would say I was like a regular student; nothing really special, had average grades, didn’t do much, not really motivated in general. So in the first year, my grades were still average although I was really working hard now for the first time. And then in the second year… Continue Reading Master Operations Research & Artificial Intelligence Student – Sjoerd