[MUSIC PLAYING] SIMON OSTROVSKY: So this is the Heron TP. It’s actually really loud. It’s a propeller plane. It’s not Israel’s biggest, but it’s apparently their best-selling product. And it’s about to taxi off to do a test run. Funny thing is, they don’t want to tell us that the… Continue Reading Israel’s Killer Robots

Our wars used to be fought on foot, but then we harnessed horses for battle. Swords were our weapon of choice until guns were invented. Chariots slowly evolved into tanks, and in less than 100 years this [picture of the wright bros], turned into this . But the change that’s… Continue Reading Future Military Robots Explained

-Golly! This place sure is [stammering] terrifying. We shouldn’t have come. -Good thing I’m here. To make you come. This place is definitely dripping with mysteries. -I’m getting wet just standing here. Look! The roof is leaking! -Even Jacko’s scared stiff! -This one goes out to a very special boy!… Continue Reading Sex Swing, Episode 2 – Robot Rock | Rooster Teeth

In this video we try to create some man-made volcano earthquakes by doing a simple science experiment. In this experiment, we’ll drop sacks of sand from a helicopter and measure the impacts on a set of seismometers. We want to know how fast the seismic waves travel in the earth… Continue Reading Making Artificial Earthquakes on an Active Volcano