– Hello and welcome to this Haas tip of the day. When running a Haas CNC machine, information is constantly being fed to us graphically through the use of control icons. We’ve tried hard to make the meaning of these icons obvious. But you may have seen a few that… Continue Reading What Does That Icon Mean? – Haas Automation Tip of the Day

My brother thinking he’s a cyborg creates tension in the house. I’m making something, would you like something to eat? No, we have water. Okay. My mom and my brother are like constantly arguing because all he does is spend time in his room. When Orrin first told me he… Continue Reading Teen Says Brother Who Claims To Be A Cyborg ‘Might Be At His Tipping Point’

our feelings are often hard to describe or quantify as they’re a subjective state of being but with artificial intelligence continue to evolve in an ever rapid pace scientists are working on state-of-the-art treatments that can improve our emotional well-being using these machine learning deep learning artificial intelligence our Oh… Continue Reading AI growing in emotional intelligence, helping diagnose mental disorders…


. Its like nothing we have come across before UK intelligence officials shaken by Trump administrat Want an ad free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. As impeachmentinquiriesheat up, presidents people are busy pursuing a counter offensive aimed at discrediting Muellers findings that Russia interfered in 2016 election As the hearings get… Continue Reading . Its like nothing we have come across before UK intelligence officials shaken by Trump administrat

And now we return to: Holidays with the Family Norm: Can you pass the bread? Jimmothy: Yeah. Norm: Thanks. Jeddediah: You know, it’s so nice having everyone here for the holidays. Dad: So Jimmothy, how’s Bennifer? I’m sorry she can’t be here for dinner. It seems that she has more… Continue Reading 6 Ways To Cope With Family At The Holidays

It’ll be safe, it’ll be understood and it’ll be value adding. The people that are building it are optimists and not pessimists. You know there’s a dark version of it and there’s a very wonderful version of it. I think AI augments humans and doesn’t replace them. We’ve had 160… Continue Reading HSBC Tech Connections | Big hopes for AI development

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I don’t know. I’ve just played it since I was like six. It’s the sport that I stuck with, like I used to play every sport, but volleyball has just always been like my favorite. At first with volleyball it definitely affected me because I had hit my head and… Continue Reading Pediatric Epilepsy: Kendall’s Story – Boys Town National Research Hospital