Hong Kong, China Say hello to Han… …and he might just say hello back. That’s because Han is an advanced humanoid robot… …capable of holding conversations with people… …and reacting with 40 motors that control his facial expressions. “”So Han’s really exciting because not only can he generate very realistic… Continue Reading Humanoid Robot Head Thinks And Talks Independently

The Chinese Communist Party is great… At spying on people. And not just inside China… but also in America. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. The Chinese Communist Party has an extensive network of spies. And over the last two decades, the Party has rapidly developed its espionage… Continue Reading How China’s Spies Became World-Class

What I do every day is related to saving patients’ lives. Every day I can help many people and many families. I think our team can make a professional and passionate impression with our clients. We can give our clients confidence. And let us deal with the problems. I think… Continue Reading Roche Diagnostics Service Team | Hong Kong & Macau

I think the nature of our work is quite diverse Although we are not the frontline healthcare workers who provide direct care to patients every day, we and our clients such as the medical laboratory technologists do work very hard behind the scene hoping to help more patients. I need… Continue Reading A day with Roche Diagnostics Service Team | Hong Kong & Macau

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: the case for impeachment. The U.S. House Intelligence Committee delivers its report on how President Trump subverted national security for personal political gain. Then: on the world stage. We are on the ground in London, as Mr. Trump arrives… Continue Reading PBS NewsHour full episode December 3, 2019

This sushi restaurant might just be the future of the dining experience delivering custom orders to your table and replacing human personnel for automation. I’m in Hong Kong visiting this chain, Genki Sushi. It first started in Japan and is rapidly expanding across Asia. I’m determined to see if I… Continue Reading An attempt at ‘zero human interaction’ in a fully-automated sushi restaurant | CNBC Reports

KYLE BASS: It’s probably going to be a political situation. I don’t care. I’d rather own US dollars tomorrow. I have friends that are some of the biggest art dealers in the world and they do these Art Basel shows, right. And there’s an Art Basel in Miami. There’s an… Continue Reading Capital Flight From Hong Kong (w/ Kyle Bass)